I Need A New Therapist

CBT_logo1For the past ten months I have been seeing a CBT therapist here in Wichita who was greatly beneficial on my road to recovery.  However, the practice he is a part of has become problematic for me as they have screwed up my billing so much that I fear I will never be able to financially trust them ever again.  For ten months I have been asking for a bill or statement that shows what I owe, what my insurance pays, etc.  However, my wife and I get the same response every time, “I don’t have a statement, all I’m showing is you owe $____ today.”  Here’s the fun part…you have to pay that amount or you cannot go into your session.  I understand that they are billing insurance, insurance bills them back, and they then bill me…so it isn’t like scheduling a massage or something where you pay for your services at the time of treatment.  This is because your payments are going towards the insurance deductible.  However, when I am asked to pay a random amount, I like to know what it is for.

514_400x400_NoPeelI go every other week.  I know the amount due by me to my deductible (till it is met).  To date in 2013 I have been stopped at the front desk and told I owe $84.63 and then most recently $35.37.  When I ask for a bill I am told the usual song and dance as they stare at their computer screen, “Sorry, all I’m showing is the amount due.”  Okay…fine…whatever.  Then they call today to tell me I have a $120 past due and my total amount due today is $964.80.  Whaaaaat?  First, how can you have a past due if you have never been billed something?  Second…don’t you think the jump from $35.37 to $964.80 is a bit drastic?!!!  They explained that it was my insurance’s fault and I should call them, so I did…and they told me it was the office’s fault.  So I called them back and asked for a bill…and they sent over a statement…and not one lick of it adds up correctly.  However, through this process I found out that they used to farm out their accounting, then brought it in house, then changed their write off (to make an additional $12.80 per visit off me), and have committed so many accounting 101 no-no’s that it is impossible to balance the statement without acquiring a record from the first day of treatment and comparing it to an “Explanation of Benefits” record from my insurance agency and my personal financial records.  In lamens terms, they fired their accountant and are now demanding all accounts be paid in full so their internal team can start from a balanced statement…even if the statement of account currently on record from the old accountant contains discrepancies (as mine does) and is incorrect.  This is what I call “bullshit.”  Also, “illegal.”

Example-of-a-Rorschach-Ink-Blot-psychology-1310965-800-541Needless to say I did not pay the $1,000 and therefore did not get to see my therapist today.  So…I am looking for a new therapist in Wichita, KS and am open to suggestions from anyone who has had good experiences with a practice or individual therapist.  I understand not everyone is as open about their anxiety as I am so I have created a form below if you would prefer to make a private referral instead of commenting publicly.  I will of course settle my account with my current therapist’s office, but until I see an accurate bill I can’t justify what I owe and therefore cannot settle my account.  I am (go figure) challenging and am looking for an experienced therapist who can butt heads with me, help calm me down, provide me with anxiety-battling techniques, and has experience working with anxiety or CBT.  Having gone through the CBT therapy it is not a requirement (though a bonus), and I prefer a more interpersonal relationship in the sessions.

I cannot tell you what I would give to have my therapist from Boston back!  I honestly believe I am alive today because of J. Scott Creighton and the hours he put in helping me get through the roughest time of my life.  He provided me with tools that I use every day in every facet of my life including my anxiety.  How good is he?  My son Dodge was either going to be named Dodge Raphael Gates (which is his name) or Dodge Scott Gates…but being fair “Scott” is also the name of my uncle and that would have made Dodge completely named after my side of the family and people from my life.  Plus…Raphael…that’s just awesome!  So if you are in the Boston area looking for help you should call him…I mean this sincerely…he is the best in the business.  Now I need someone here in Wichita.  Wichitans…help me out.  Point me in the right direction.

UPDATE: Following this post I went 14 months without therapy and managed my anxiety on my own through reading, meditation, and breathing techniques.  My anxiety dropped to levels lower than the months leading up to my anxiety attack.  After 14 months I decided to seek therapy again for preventative measures instead of reactionary measures.  I have found a therapist but for privacy reasons will not share any details online.  Should you need help seeking a therapist for yourself start with asking your family doctor.  I have removed the contact form as it was only generating a plethora of junk mail and spam after the initial months of referrals.

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