Toddler Hijinks

Every day I come home from work and ask Kate, “How was Max today?”  Last night she said, “Not bad.”  Max, our two-year-old toddler, is going through a tough phase.  He is two, he’s exploring his world, testing his boundaries, and has a new baby brother (Dodge) taking all the attention away from him.  So when my wife says “Not bad,” I’ll take it.  Unfortunately last night ended with Max hitting me in the face and being sent to bed without any books…but it could be worse.  This morning I was playing with Dodge when I heard Kate shout from the next room, “oh nooooo.”  That means Max has gotten into something and made a mess.  Today he unscrewed the cap of the baby powder and dumped the entire contents of the tub onto his face and into his eyes.  Crying ensued.

Max Covered in Powder
Max Covered in Powder

The logical solution was to put him in the bath…this news was not received well by Max and his tiny legs started chugging as fast as they could as he took off running like a midget mime.  Dodge then blessed us with a dirty diaper and some spit up so we decided a washcloth to the face would suffice for Max.  Who knows what he’ll get into today.  He drives me crazy!  CRAZY!  He is constantly moving as if he was a shark who will die if he holds still.  Last night in bed he looked me in the eye and said in the most sincere voice, “Sorry Dada…hitting is no, no, no.”  then when I went to kiss him goodnight he playfully hit me in the face again to make me question everything.  Is he sorry?  Does he comprehend sorry?  Should I be sorry for sending him to bed without books?  What is going on?!!!

All I know is everyone says the 3’s are worse than the 2’s and after that he becomes a teen who hates me.  Why did we have kids again?  Why?!!!  Just as I’m about to disintegrate and question everything…Max, still covered in baby powder, runs up to me and Dodge and says, “Hi Dada.”  I reply, “Hi Max.”  He then says, “Good morning, can I kiss Dodge?”  He is sincere…I say yes.  Max climbs up to his three-week-old brother and softly plants a loving kiss on his cheek and says, “I love Dodge.”  Then he kisses me, give me a high-five, and takes off running.  Toddlers.  Eh?

Max kisses his baby brother Dodge in a moment of toddler sweetness.
Max kisses his baby brother Dodge in a moment of toddler sweetness.

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One thought on “Toddler Hijinks

  1. Ryan…I can so relate to what is going on. Thank u for being transparent so we can all share this time with you and kate! You both are awesome!!

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