Oh Thank Goodness…More Snow.

IMG_0291After last week’s Blizzard of Oz dumped over 14 inches of snow on Wichita, the last thing Wichitans thought would happen is more snow.  Well…guess what?  We got more snow.  the 14 inches of snow during the thundersnow was the largest on record in almost three decades which the city was not prepared for and depleted its snow removal resources…a.k.a. a guy with a shovel and a bag of sand.  This morning the residents of The Ta were greeted with gorgeous vistas of snow laden trees, wind-chime-like icicles, and driveways covered in over 7 inches of fresh snow.  The university and most schools have been closed since Wednesday meaning kids have an entire week off from school, major roadways that were just becoming clear of snow and ice are buried under drifts again, and once more I set out to clear the driveway in the event that Kate goes into labor and we need to get to the hospital.  Today, however, was much easier…my block came prepared.

IMG_0292I was just finishing shoveling off the back yard path to the garbage bins and the steps to the front door when I heard the oh so familiar whir of a snowblower.  A snowblower!!!  In Kansas?!!!  I would wake up to this sound all the time in the Adirondacks but this is Wichita, KS!  Yes, the neighbors were using a snowblower.  Immediately they came over and asked if I wanted my driveway done and I graciously accepted.  I moved over to the next house over and started shoveling their walkway and front steps while my driveway got the royal treatment.  Then we shifted to the next walkway and driveway, and the next, and so on.  Eventually we found ourselves standing around with our shovels talking about what to do today.  Most people voted for heavy drinking and a neighborhood-wide snowball fight which I was all for but had to go to work.  “Where’d the snowblower come from?”  I asked.  My neighbor pointed out the house and said, “Remember, you always want to move into a neighborhood with lots of divorced ladies…they have all the best power tools!”

RockwellSledKate sipped her coffee and watched from inside while Max played with his cars.  It was a very Norman Rockwell kind of morning, all of us neighbors out shoveling each other’s driveways and digging out.  As I pulled out of my freshly shoveled driveway I waved goodbye as the snow-day neighbors conspired as to where to start drinking and what the drink of choice should be.  I un-tucked my slacks from my snow boots, slid on my sport coat, and headed to work…where there are no snowball fights or hot toddy’s.  Maybe the party will still be going on when I get home from work!  Or maybe I should start a snowball fight here!

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