Rules For Friends And Family During And After The Birth

keep-calm-follow-the-rulesYesterday’s post, “The Perfect Storm…For Having A Baby,” got many of our friends and family thinking we were going to have the baby that day. Sorry, no. I was just saying that with everything going on such as having my family out of town and the Blizzard of Oz blowing in…it would be hilarious if we had the baby now. While we did not have the baby yesterday we did get a plethora of phone calls and text messages from concerned friends and family which we greatly appreciated but were overwhelming. Last time we had a baby we set some ground rules for friends and family and I thought we’d reprise them for this birth as well. So, we’re going to call yesterday a fire drill for the pregnancy and express our wishes for communication:

When labor begins and after the baby is born…

  1. We will post updates to So Long Freedom and our Facebook pages.
  2. Please do not call or text us. We appreciate your support and know you are there for us, but in the interest of keeping things simple please restrict communications to blog and/or Facebook comments.
  3. If we need something we will call or text you.
  4. We have specific people on call to help once things begin.
  5. If you MUST call or text, please call or text Ryan and not Kate.

After we come home…

  1. Again, we appreciate your love and support but ask that we have some privacy to be alone with our immediate family.
  2. We will not be accepting visitors at the house for 2 weeks unless we ask you to come over and you have had your vaccinations.
  3. Please do not call the home phone – Always assume the baby is sleeping…and we are too.

After we have been home for 2 weeks…

  1. We are happy to have people visit, please call or text first.
  2. If you want to hold the baby you need to have had your flu and DTP vaccinations.
  3. If you want to bring a gift we have plenty of baby clothes/toys but love frozen food and groceries that don’t require refrigeration.
  4. If you want to send flowers, planted white calla lilies are Kate’s favorite.
  5. If we’re hard to reach we may be resting, we’ll get back to you soon.
  6. If you do not hear from us, all is well.

I know it may sound strange setting rules like these, but imagine if every one of your friends and family members tried to get a hold of you at the same time. What was meant as a sweet sentiment gets lost in the chaos and adds fuel to the fire. We love you and appreciate your support, the best support you can give once its game day is to let us do our thing and we’ll call you if we need you. The only people exempt from these rules are Papa Doo, G.G., Nan, and Bear-shark-ephant…a.k.a. the Grandparents. Thanks for all the support…now we wait.

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4 thoughts on “Rules For Friends And Family During And After The Birth

      1. Oh so, adults would need booster shots? I’m actually allergic to the Pertussis in the DPT. When I got my shot as a baby, I had a seizure. 😦 Guess I’ll have to ask for special dispensation next time I’m in town. 😉

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