The Perfect Storm…For Having A Baby

This past Monday was the due date for the birth of our second son…and so the waiting game has begun.  My wife Kate and I were expecting the due date to come and pass as it did with our last baby, but now we think there is a possibility we could be going into active labor sooner than expected.  Why?

The Perfect Storm

  1. For whatever reason still unbeknownst to me, my parents scheduled an eight-day vacation to Disney World with my sister and nephew the week of our due date…meaning we have no in-town family to help with Max (our two-year-old) or be here for support if labor starts.
  2. Kate’s parents have a trip they are making this weekend and will be unable to get to Wichita to help out if needed till Sunday or Monday.
  3. Its snowing…hard…in Wichita freakin’ Kansas!

Wichita KS Radar SnowThe snow is the the wild card!  It rarely snows here so when it does all hell breaks loose.  No joke, people were flooding into the grocery store today stocking up on dry goods like it’s the Apocalypse, driving 5mph in less than an inch of snow, and I narrowly avoided an accident on my way to work when a car started driving into oncoming traffic because they couldn’t figure out where the lines in the road were.  Zoink!  The truck a few cars behind me smashed their trunk into pieces…its okay…they were both going 5mph.  Followers of So Long Freedom know of my feeling on snow in Wichita so I won’t linger on it…bet seriously, its chaos here!

The phone rings this morning and its the doctor’s office rescheduling our appointment, presumably because no one will be driving anywhere tonight and tomorrow when all this snow turns to ice.  Kate gets off the phone and goes “Oooooh.”  I shoot her a look.  She breathes.  I wait.  She says to me, “That was like no contraction I’ve had before.”  Then ushers me out the door to go to work.


Wichita KS Snow ForecastYeah, I’m officially freaking out…but humorously so don’t worry.  Situations like this make me laugh because they are laughable.  We have no family within 1,500 miles, our midwife is rescheduling appointments, it’s snowing hard outside, Wichita is panicking because for once it will actually be an accumulating snowfall, and my wife is having contractions.  Screw Occam’s Razor and the Principal of Parsimony!  The theory of The Perfect Storm seems much more viable at this juncture.  In an hour I will know more when we go see the midwife.  I feel like I’m in one of those old oaters (that’s an old western TV show for you city folk) where any minute now some woman in an apron and a bonnet is gonna shout out, “Boil some water and bring me all the towels and bed sheets!”  Or…it’ll just snow and we’ll have this baby next week, or the week after that, or whenever.

After a few minutes of snow it is already accumulating.
After a few minutes of snow it is already accumulating.
Snow accumulation after arriving at the office 7 minutes later.
Snow accumulation after arriving at the office 7 minutes later.

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