1 Week Till The Due Date!

Due DateAfter months of waiting, preparing, going berserk, calming down again, peeing on sticks, sonograms, and doctor visits…the final countdown has begun!  As I have said in past articles, I do not believe in “due dates” as they give people an unrealistic timeline of when their baby will come.  No doctor, computer, or amount of science can predict when a baby will be born…so they estimate, call it a “due date,” and create a sense of being “due” like a heating bill you forgot to pay.

Dear Gates Family,

Please remit baby due by February 18th, 2013.  If you do not remit the baby in full by your due date we will be forced to turn your pregnancy over to a collection agency or hospital intern who will be authorized to use pitocin, cesarean sections, and any means necessary to remove the baby from your person.  We look forward to your rapid delivery and thank you for your speedy response.


Modern Medicine

Pregnancy Due Date GraphThe statistical probability that Kate and I will have our baby on our “due date” is less than 4% and the probability that we’ll have our baby within 7 days of our “due date” is only 50%.  Meaning?  Mother nature doesn’t keep a pocket watch.  I hear so many stories of young mothers who schedule inductions or C-sections on their due date.  Wait a bit…your body will tell you when its ready.  If too much time goes by that it is a danger, then you have a C-section.  We are a bit crunchier than our friends when it comes to birth so we’re going with the 1-2 punch of a doula and a midwife…meaning most of our friends think we’re crazy.  Relax people, modern medicine will still be at hand in the event it is needed but we believe child-birth is not something that needs to be dictated and managed as a medical procedure.  It is natural.  My wife’s body knows more about how to birth our baby than any doctor on the face of the planet.  Same as my body understands how to expel my flatulence better than any gastroenterologist.  So, we’re going to let the expert do the work…Kate, and her body.  In the unlikely event that something goes wrong we’ll have modern medicine waiting right there to swoop in and address the medical issue.  Birth is not a medical issue…it is nature.

So while there is a 4% chance we’ll have a baby in 7 seven days, a 34% chance of it happening today, and a 50% chance of it happening in the next 14 days…we of course have everything chaotically possible going on in our lives happening right now!

brokeThe house is still under construction and while I’ve long since given up the idea of it being completed by November as planned, I am hopeful to have the interior completed by the end of this week.  We’re buying a new car this week!  We’re broke…but the one Kate is driving is on its last leg and an amazing deal dropped in our laps…so, why not?  Babies don’t cost anything right?  Two cars in less than a year!!!  I’ll be broke forever.  This also seemed like a good week to start interviewing schools for Max.  As the “due date” draws closer we find ourselves more and more aware of the fact that Max is going to need to be back in school as we’re not going to be able to give him the stimulation and learning environment he needs as a growing two-year-old.  I inadvertently lined up the next few weeks as the one’s that require the most attention from me at work, we haven’t finalized our birth plan yet, and we still have not packed our bags to take to the hospital.  Though I do not believe in “due dates” they certainly create a sense of urgency I suddenly feel unprepared for.  We are having a baby!

So, if you want to bet on when you think the baby will be born please click HERE.  There is no cost to enter and you can win fun SLF prizes!

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