Preparing For The New Baby


Things just got real.  We pulled the co-sleeper out and got it setup next to the bed, setup a diaper changing station outside of Max’s room, and started preparing Max for the reality that there is a new baby coming.  “That’s the baby’s bed.”  He tells us pointing to the co-sleeper.  Then he goes to climb in it and we stop him, “Yes, this is the baby’s bed.  Max’s bed is in Max’s room.”  Then Max goes and confirms he still has a bed.  We’re trying to do as much as possible to not only get prepared with less than two weeks to go, but also get Max prepared.  I’m curious to see how he’ll react when he is no longer the center of our attention.  The only clue to what may happen is the cat, Luna, who went from being our fur-baby to the thing that had to howl for food when we forgot she lived with us after Max was born…though I don’t foresee Max pooping in a box and hiding under the stairs in a suitcase for days on end.  Who knows.  All I know is Max wants to climb in that co-sleeper and claim it for himself, but is starting to respect that it is not his.  Then he said, “Max is going to cuddle the baby in the baby’s bed.”  What an awesome two-year-old…he wants to cuddle his baby brother.  He’ll want to kill him in a few weeks but for now…as the baby stays in utero…I will hold onto the dream of my boys playing nice with each other.


Shut up Luna.


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