When Will The Baby Be Born?

When my wife and I were pregnant with Max we did a betting pool on when he would be born.  The site was still growing back then so it was a $10 buy in for friends and family which wouldn’t be fair now since So Long Freedom is read by thousands all over the world.  That said, I am going to open the betting to everyone that reads this blog.  Here are the rules and regulations!*

  1. You must be a subscriber*
  2. You must subscribe one new reader*
  3. You may enter once*

That’s it!  The competition starts right now and ends the minute the baby is born.  Please use the online form to submit your confidential (free) wager.  The winner will receive a fun prize from So Long Freedom and be given a guest blogging date to tell YOUR story about parenthood, life, growing up, anxiety, or whatever you want to share.

Here are some helpful stats about our last birth to help you with your wager:

  • Our “due date” is February 18th
  • Our last child (Max) was 2 weeks “late”
  • We induced for our last birth
  • Our doula did not think Max looked “late”
  • We switched from an OB to Midwife this time
  • Read old posts for more information…

Good luck!!!

* By submitting this form you agree you have read the rules and regulations, understand this is not a bet, are solely responsible for the person you are subscribing, and are a current subscriber to So Long Freedom.  If more than one submission is entered your earliest submission will be the only one that counts.  By submitting your email and a referral email, both emails will be automatically subscribed to So Long Freedom.  Any information entered in this form is completely confidential and will not be used for any other purpose than subscribing to So Long Freedom via email.

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