Baby Shower For A Second Baby?

blue pinsNo…there is typically no baby shower for your second baby so the first-child favoritism can start while your little one is still in utero!  Seriously though, there aren’t baby showers when you have a second kid.  Its like getting engaged, registering, having a bridal shower, getting married, then divorced, and registering again two years later.  Nope…nobody is getting you anymore free stuff.  So Kate was clearly shocked when her girlfriends threw her an, “Oh, you’re having another baby already? Clearly you don’t need anything,” baby shower this past weekend.

Max toddled around the room and helped Kate open gifts that were focused on her (not the baby) while I played host and refilled champagne glasses, served food, washed dishes, and shook martinis.  It was like being the GM of a restaurant again and I was doing everything, which I was happy to do, so Kate could have some awesome girly time.  I don’t know what the gifts were, I have no idea what the conversations were about, but I heard lots of “ooooh” and “ahhhh” when things were opened or discussed.  I heard the words “vagina” and “cervix” more in one night than I have in my entire life and decided it was best to just stay in the kitchen with the safety of SportsCenter.

I did run the “Dirty Diaper Game” for the girls where you melt chocolate bars into numbered diapers.  The girls then got to sniff, touch, and taste to vote on which diaper contained which chocolate bar.  It was pretty hilarious seeing everyone face-deep in faux dirty diapers…the Chocolate Creme Egg was particularly realistic looking.

The Girls Checking The Dirty Diapers
The Girls Checking The Dirty Diapers
Kate Trying To Figure It Out!
Kate Trying To Figure It Out!
Passed Out After Hosting Shower
Passed Out After Hosting Shower

In short, even if it is someone’s second, third, fourth, whatever child…throw them a shower.  Even if it’s just a fun girls night.  When pregnant:  My observation as a husband and a man is that women want any escape to feel like an individual again and not the breeding ground for a child during pregnancy nor the feeding area afterward.  As men we never have to carry the child inside us nor attach them to us to feed.  While these moments are intimate and full of bonding they also can be taxing and exhausting.  Throw a shower.

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