38th Week Of Pregnancy

20130204_110732With precisely two weeks to go till our due date (February 18th) my nerves are starting to ramp up!  I know everything is going to change…but I don’t know when.  I think due dates are cruel because it’s an unrealistic date set by a computer nine months ago.  Due months are more appropriate…a bracket of time in which it is possible you may (or may not) have a baby.  With our first son Max, we were “two weeks late” and allowed ourselves to be talked into inducing and going through a very clinical experience for our birth.  “Late” may be the worst word used by the medical community in relation to a pregnancy – you can’t be “late” for something that doesn’t have a schedule!  Once we were deemed “late” we had an induction scheduled.  When the induction started we were placed on an unrealistic timetable and rushed by a doctor that wanted to go home and get to bed rather than let nature take its course.  When their rushing us didn’t work…they pulled the pitocin and forced Kate into a Cesarean section.  That is why I hate the word “late” and cannot recommend our old doctor to anyone.

FluShot_SeniorOur baby is at that point where he’s out of room and so his kicks have been replaced by squirming and rolling.  I couldn’t sleep last night, so lay awake in bed staring at the back of my eyelids scaring myself with thoughts of all the things that could go wrong.  I’m so used to the baby kicking me when my wife and I cuddle that when he didn’t last night…I began dreaming up all kinds of stupid things.  Then real fears set in such as will he be mentally developed?  Will there be unforeseen complications with the pregnancy?  Will he be healthy?  With so many colds, the flu, and bugs going around right now it is scary!  There is some four-week respiratory thing sweeping through Wichita along with a five-day stomach bug!  I know of a few babies who have gotten RSV in the past month.  Kate and I both got the flu shot and the DTaP shot and anyone that wants to hold the baby after he’s born will need to have done the same.  Last pregnancy I was on the fence about vaccinations for the baby…this time around I’m crystal clear.

circumcisionIt’s weird how different having a second child is compared to a first child.  With our first one I grappled over whether or not to have him circumcised…a hot topic on this site and across the web.  My question to the internet of should I should circumcise my son or not launched a massive debate with comments from around the world.  When I declared my belief that every parent must decide what they feel is best, I began receiving death threats via email accusing me of “condoning genital mutilation” and wanting to “murder my son’s foreskin.”  With the second child there is no debate, my wife and I know exactly what our stance is, and I’m happy to say that stance is a private matter and not up for discussion online.  However, if you have not made up your mind about circumcision you should click HERE to read the debate for better or for worse.

734385_10151653369477538_209507981_nLast time around I had so much doubt about my ability to be a parent.  Will he love me?  Will I be a good father?  Will he accept me?  Now I’m more practical in my stress and want to know when he’ll be here and how we’ll afford him.  I am completely nervous and I totally blame Max, my gorgeous two-year-old son.  Max is so well-behaved that I feel completely unprepared for this baby.  Max has been so easy that there is no way there can be a repeat of ease.  Max eats everything, runs on a schedule (which he is flexible with), sleeps through the night, communicates very well, is extremely patient, and can do many things himself.  How has that prepared me to have a child?!!!  Max (to date) has been easier than a puppy with the exception that I can’t put Max out in the back yard if he’s been bad.  On the plus side, I am comforted in knowing he is overly self-sufficient for a kid his age which will come in super handy as Kate and I zombie our way through life the next few months with the baby.

The 38th week of pregnancy has begun!

Baby Growth

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11 thoughts on “38th Week Of Pregnancy

  1. I really hope you leave your baby intact! It’s so much easier to care for an intact penis and completely unnecessary to circumcise. Congrats on your baby. 😉

  2. I have 4 breastfed intact sons. Please do NOT circumcise your baby boy! My boys even know that circ is wrong! At 8, my oldest seeing part of a circ video, asked, “Why are they doing that? It is NOT THEIR PENIS!” 2nd son, then 6, asked, “Why are they doing that? The penis is ALREADY so small!” The third, aged 4, was perturbed and asked, “But where are the parents?! (As in the parents would surely save their baby from certain harm)”. YOU are a GREAT dad and a loving husband. There is NO NEED to put your baby boy through all that, EVEN IF you are circumcised and circumcised your first son. Now that you know that circumcision is NOT recommended by any national medical association, not even Israel, where just about every male is circumcised, nor the AAP. There is no need to put your second son through all that. None. Even if you circumcised your first son, you can leave your second son intact, the way Mother Nature/ God intended. Were you there with your first son? Did you see him scream and writhe with pain?

    This video is provided here as an educational resource for healthcare professionals and parents/guardians who are interested in learning more about what circumcision entails:

    Other videos:
    Gomco Video #1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bXVFFI76ff0
    Gomco Video #2 (Canadian): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MDuDhkiDdns
    Plastibell Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JCLM6P8tc2E
    Mogen Video: http://newborns.stanford.edu/Mogen.html
    *Turn on the volume!*
    Circ trauma: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UAGNnqyNidY

    1. Your comment makes accusatory assumptions – I appreciate your…passion? However, I don’t appreciate the tone or lecture. Weigh your opinion, but please keep the unfounded accusations to yourself in the future.

  3. Dear Ryan,

    I agree entirely that circumcision is a private matter and should not even be discussed or contemplated by anyone other than the owner of the penis.

    Circumcision is like intercourse; fine if the person consents, but should never be forced on someone without their explicit consent. I deeply and bitterly resent the circumcision that was forced on my vulnerable infant self. It was entirely unnecessary, profoundly immoral with lifelong negative consequences that I am forced to bear.

    I beg you, please just let your brand new boy keep and enjoy all the body parts he was born with, including all of his sexual organs. I do hope you support this view, which is consistent with human rights, equality and autonomy norms, it’s just that your words were ambiguous.

    Very best wishes for the arrival of the latest addition to your family.

    Kind regards,
    James (Melbourne, Australia)

  4. Not everyone is abrasive (or aggressive) in their advocacy on subjects of genital autonomy. I hope you don’t let the few turn you off to re-visiting the issue once again. My first son was circumcised, my second is intact, so I am fairly confident I can speak on both accounts, and there are many things I wish I’d known the first time around. And, as I quickly found, there is a significant amount that has been researched and written on this topic just in the last 2 years. Blessings to you and your family – each one of them.

    1. What a lovely comment. There are many aggressive comments out there…a few in the past few minutes from others already. Yours is very refreshing, honest, and welcomed. Thank you for the well wishes.

  5. I don’t like to throw around a bunch of links and opinions….but I do like to appeal to your sense of common sense. Foreskin is NOT a birth defect in need of amputation. Foreskin is normal and natural and has important functions for the baby, boy and man he will become. I like to believe that parents who understand the functions of normal foreskin will be hesitant to be proxy consenting to a normal part of their infant being cut off…especially for zero medical necessity. I believe that a baby has a right to the body he was born with and it shouldn’t matter what reasons are given for surgically altering his normal healthy body by parents. It’s unethical that doctors perform non therapeutic surgery on a baby’s genitals. Boys deserve the same genital protection as girls do by law…which has been in place for girls since 1997. I can’t imagine anyone arguing against that.

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