Construction On Our House Has Begun!

559450_10150881477713835_181582242_nMy kitchen was slightly above freezing when I left for work today as the contractors pulled the back of our house apart.  From day one when we bought the house we knew we were going to need to fix the wood-rot around the bay window in the kitchen…what we didn’t know was how extensive the rot would be and that the construction would take place when we are three weeks out from having a baby.  As I left I noted that there was new wood and old wood where my windows had been.  The contractor told me, “Looks like someone fixed it once before.”  That was not what I wanted to hear…that means the rotting is more extensive than what we had hoped…meaning we may be undergoing major construction while giving birth.  Yay!!!  Everything is happening all at once!

rotted_woodWe’ll know more by lunchtime when demo is done and we can see what we are dealing with.  I think the rot on the windows above on the second floor is where the ole money-vacuum is hiding out.  I think once we open that we’ll see that they are the gateway for the water that rotted the bay window and before you know it the entire column of trouble will be tumbling into the yard leaving us temporarily without a bathroom, a kitchen, or that thing you need to live on…what’s it called?  Right…money.

Ear muffs kids.  Fuck it.

Balloon Arch OrangeYes, fuck it.  Fuck it!  This is the joys of home ownership.  Fixing things that don’t do anything cosmetically or raise the value of your home for resale.  Maybe next we can have the ducts cleaned or the chimney tuck pointed.  Don’t know what tuck pointing is?  Ask an Iowan.  I swear every kid that went to high school with my wife Kate in Iowa works in tuck pointing.  Tuck pointing is to Iowa what balloon-arch making is to the name Debbie.  Don’t get that reference?  Find someone in your area who specializes in making balloon-arches and there is (no joke) a 23% chance her name is Debbie.  Kate and I used to travel the country overseeing grand openings for a major retailer and 23% of all the individual balloon-arch people we hired over a 3 year span were named Debbie.  I’m just saying.  Every square is a rectangle but not every rectangle is a square right?  Well not every balloon-arch builder is named Debbie but every Debbie could be a balloon-arch builder.


Details on the construction zone to come as well as more stories of why owning a home is an awesome investment.

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