37th Week of Pregnancy

baby_kickWe are in the 37th week of our pregnancy meaning little “Zag” is considered “full term.”  Kate and I are quite the pair right now:  She looks like she’s about to pop and I’ve thrown my back out, so neither of us are very nimble as we hobble around the house chasing Max, our 2-year-old.  For the 3rd day in a row the contractors have cancelled due to bad weather so our kitchen is stuck in plastic-covered limbo as we await a day where we can demo the bay windows off the back of the house and install the new ones.  Monday would have been perfect but the glass wasn’t ready.  It was 75 degrees out!  Today its 29 and snowing.

buffet of lifeUnlike with Max…we have NO IDEA what we’re naming this one.  Our front-runner name has moved back in the pack and were on the verge of naming him “The Second Child,” “This One,” or “Oh Who Cares.”  Was this what it was like when my parents had me?  I’m a second child and I always felt like my sister was held to higher standards which was both a good thing and a bad thing.  I was able to get away with anything but the phrase my mother still jabs me about is how I’d say to her (about hugs, sandwiches, or anything), “Same as you did for Lindsey…only better.”  There are no big baby showers for a second child.  There’s no Pomp and Circumstance.  Nope…just a lot of, “So you’re having another one!”  Yes…yes we are.  We are going back for seconds to the buffet of life.

39540_10150105416383835_6312134_nKate’s due date is in less than three weeks which means I’m freaking out…at least I think I am.  I’m not freaking out…which has me freaking out.  I have anxiety issues and freak out about driving to the west side of town, eating too close to a meeting, or going to establishments with single stall bathrooms.  I have an irrational fear of open spaces.  However, the idea of sleep deprivation resulting in a scream-induced birth that nets me another crying mouth to feed doesn’t freak me out.  I’m just kind of, “Yup…another kid…sounds about right.”  Not that I’m not excited…I’m just…more prepared?  I don’t know.  With Max it was hard to grasp the idea that I was going to be a father, now that I identify myself as a father first, the leap to father-of-two feels like a smaller step.  I’m sure it will be much harder this time around since we’ll have two uncaged wild animals disguised as people living with us, but mentally it will be less shocking.  Speaking of uncaged…if Nicholas Cage ever comes out with a cologne it should be called “Uncaged.”  Back when I was working with the guys at The Shark Show in NYC we had a comedy bit on celebrity fragrances and his was called “Caged Animal.”  I digress.

I’m a dad…after the baby is born…I’ll be a dad.  No change…increase in numbers, but no change in status.  Its like when you get a promotion but no change in salary.  Or when you get less salary, more responsibilities, and your title stays the same.  Yeah…that one.

Congratulations Mr. Gates, we’ve added a second child to your responsibilities as Dad.

“Will I be getting a raise?”

No, but it will cost you more.


In all honesty, I look forward to going to bed each night…not for the sleep.  Kate snuggles up against me and places her belly on my thigh, her breathing quickly shifts to deep sleep, and “Zag” wakes up and rolls around.  I love feeling him rolling around, pushing his feet against me, and snuggling into his nighttime position.  Its my time with him…my baby boy.  I can’t wait to meet him and find out what he’s like.  New challenges are ahead, but for now all I want is a happy, healthy, baby and he could be here any day.

Let’s digress…here are more Shark Show Celebrity Fragrances from the minds of Gabe McKinley, Nick Stevens, Ari Voukydis, and Dan Gaba.

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