New Years Eve With Kids

Back Yard
Snowy Back Yard

Today everyone is a buzz wondering what New Years Eve party everyone is going to.  Last year Kate and I were on vacation in the Turks and Caicos so we went to the holiday party at the Grace Bay Club, saw the fireworks, and hung out at the bar with a baby monitor while Max slept in the guest room a few hundred feet away.  This year we are home…in Wichita…Kansas.  While there are great parties to go to, there seems to be a shortage of twenty-something sitters.  I wonder why.

Front Yard
Snowy Front Yard

This morning our December snow finally came!  Kate woke me up saying, “Look outside! It snowed!!!” as if it were some Christmas miracle…and truthfully snow in Wichita is a miracle.  It’s rare, and this was our second snowfall of the year!  This one was heavier than the last one and coated the trees, lawn, and streets in pretty, white, fluffy, snow.  She woke up our son Max and exclaimed, “Look Max…snow!!!”  Max rubbed his eyes and replied, “No…that’s rain.”  Kate corrected him that it was snow and he stood his ground with the whole “rain” argument.  They agreed it was “frozen rain.”  I snapped 2 pictures of the front yard and the back yard as fast as I could.  “What are doing?”  Kate asked me.  I replied, “Documenting it.”  It was pretty.  It was nice.  After weeks of seeing pictures on Facebook from all our friends back east making snowmen, going sledding, and throwing snowballs…it was nice to feel like we were part of the story.

At about 10 AM the snow stopped leaving just the tops of the grass blades peeking through the top of the lawn outside my office.  By 11 AM it was drizzling and I watched as the snow receded from the roof of the neighboring office building while crews worked to shovel the walkways.  By noon there was no need for a shovel as the drizzle was now a rain that washed away the snow.  Now it is drizzling again…but there is no snow.  Soon it will get dark, rain will turn to sleet, watery roads turn to ice, and all hell breaks loose in Wichita as SUV’s and trucks skate their way down hill-less 4 lane roads in swirling circles of doom.  I will be inside with the heat turned up.

Last Year in TCI
Last Year in TCI

There will be no fireworks tonight, I may not make it to Midnight, we may not do anything other than open a nice bottle of wine and watch the ball drop on TV at 11 PM CST and call it a night.  However, something in my bones still begs me to go out and do something…anything!  So I called Kate to see if she wanted to go out to dinner, “You know…with a waitress and no dishes and stuff.”  Thought hadn’t dawned on her.  We both just thought:  No sitter – No going out – No fun.  Now there was this crazy new idea…go out to dinner!!!  Craziness!!!  As I begin convincing Kate that this would be a good idea I heard myself ask aloud, “Do we want to set the beast loose outside of the confines of our own home?”  The “beast” is our two-year-old Max who can accurately be compared (as of late) to a caged animal who has mastered the word “no” and is constantly testing your patience and ability not to cry.  I don’t know if I want to subject a stranger to his insanity tonight.  I don’t know if I want to subject myself to the insanity of trying to feed him in public tonight.  F**k.  Kids are weird.

Snowing Again
Started Snowing Again!

In the time between starting this post and now the rain has turned back into snow…and I’m holding out hope that it will accumulate again overnight since I have the day off from work and I want to play in the snow with my son…even if it’s only for a few minutes.  My wife just called to tell me she secured our sitter from 5:30-7:00 so we can go to our local bar and have a glass of champagne together.  Later…might get crazy and play a little Scrabble…I don’t know…maybe a puzzle…don’t want to get too nuts!  I’ll tell you about it next year.  It’s been a weird year of parenting…thank you for joining me, helping me, and being a part of this journey.  Happy New Year everyone!

Max and Jake - Happy Holiday Cousins!
Max and Jake – Happy Holiday Cousins!

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