12/21/12 The End Of The World

MaxFireToday is December 21st, 2012…which unless you’ve been living under a rock, is the end of the world according to the Mayans…who also didn’t account for daylight savings, or understand time zones, or predict any cataclysmic events as some may claim.  For the end of the world I overslept a little causing me to have to take my breakfast to go this morning.  I also had a late lunch in office and some minor anxiety related to a migraine I am battling right now.  I also lightly stubbed my toe earlier today…but I have yet to experience the fire and brimstone depicted by movies and online bloggers who promote fear.  Nope…another sunny day in Wichita.

Actually, many people believe that today is simply the end of the 5,125 year cyclical calendar the Mayans created and that today would be the beginning of the new era…not the end of the world.  So is this the beginning of a new era?  Maybe its the fiscal cliff rapidly approaching?  Maybe its the raise in cable bills we are all going to see in 2013?  Maybe its the fact that college football will have a playoff system soon?  Maybe this migraine is something bigger than a migraine?  Maybe.  Or…maybe the Mayans just said, “Okay…that’s far enough, we’ll plan some more when the time comes.”  Like a budget.  I know I am going though and planning all the 2013 budgets for my businesses right now, maybe the Mayans thought December 21st, 2012 would be a good day to plan the budget through till 7137 (a.k.a. “The Swinging 30’s”).  Tell me we all have jet packs by then and can teleport to Krispy Kreme.  Or is it all Cloud Atlas and we’re Asian?

I believe in new beginnings.  Part of my anxiety issues is resisting the persistent temptation to think that there is no such thing as reality…that I’m experiencing some fictional world.  I have much stronger ties to reality than my questioning beliefs, which are much more of the “what if…” and “wouldn’t it be cool if…” nature.  However, I have proof that I have consciousness and only trust that you do.  I know I exist…without me there is no reason for me to experience things, thus I exist.  Without you I am alone, do you exist because you are also here or because I conjured you?  Do you exist?  I am pretty sure you exist…otherwise my brain is full of some weird stuff.  For the sake of “what if” let’s pretend you don’t exist.  Let’s pretend there is just me, there is no keyboard, and there is no such thing as oxygen.  It’s all an elaborate thing in my brain or whatever I am…maybe I’m a machine somewhere.  Maybe I’m just a nanosecond on the nucleus of something we can’t comprehend.  Whatever I am…I am life.  For some reason “life” has thrown today out as a day marked for new beginnings.  So let’s look at life:

  • I have a toddler
  • I have a new baby coming in 3 months
  • I have greatly overcome my anxiety issues
  • I have grown as a person
  • I have changed

Life is good, though scary at times…it is good.  If you don’t exist, then your future is good because I feel good about life and you exist in my brain.  If you do exist, then your future is your own and it is what you make of it.  It’s the end of the year, it is time for new beginnings, so maybe we need to stop looking for what we want from life and start putting into life what we want to get out of it.  That is my plan…for my sake and maybe for yours.  I feel like everything is about to change and it is going to be either for the good or the worse depending on how I interpret it.  Is the title “So Long Freedom” a joke or a reality?  Guess I’ll have to keep writing and you’ll have to keep reading to find out.  Are you reading?  Are you there?  Do you exist?

I think you exist.

Greetings From The End Of The World
Greetings From The End Of The World

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