December Full of Obstacles

20121205_225008December is a fun time of year for me full of decorating Christmas trees, holiday parties, and fun with the family.  However…I’m a little down and out this season as some minor events are starting to collide together to make me just feel frustrated.  I love Christmas.  It’s a really fun time of year for my family.  Christmas isn’t about what gifts you get, it’s about the gifts you have such as my wife, my son, and my happy life.  I don’t care what’s under the tree.  I care about happy healthy family members and friends.  So it is hard for me to be upset…but I’m going to be a Grinch and just vent today…because I need to.

It started the first week of December when I couldn’t find my favorite coat for a party.  I knew I took it Kansas City for Thanksgiving but I also specifically remember bringing it back in the car.  We’ve torn the house apart, called all possible places, and I’ve had to accept that it’s just gone.  I’m increasingly thinking it was stolen from my car at work where I sometimes don’t lock my car because I live in Wichita, KS and my car is parked 10 feet from my office door in an executive office park.

Luminaries_CandyCanesNext it was time to put the lights up on the house but I had to wait since the house has been under construction.  The contractor sent out the gutter guys to do the front of the house so I could at least get lights up there (I like lights).  We did, we also did a “Candy Cane Lane” out front, candles in the windows, garland over the door, garland around the lamp-post, and luminaries across the front of the yard.  It looks great!  However, every night for the past week someone has reset the timer on my lights by switching 5pm to 5am (or similar) which has just become annoying.  Hopefully the night vision camera reveal’s our suburban hoodlum tonight.

You know that construction I was talking about?  Yeah…that’s all on hold waiting for the one vendor we knew was going to be a problem so now I’ve been living in a construction zone for over 2 months and there is no foreseeable end!  My back yard is full of nails, boards, and siding pieces.  Any day now I might get the call letting me know they’re going to rip the back of the house off…but there is a snow storm coming tonight so I think we have plenty of time.

45110_10151225055948087_1204168092_nI’ve had the flu and two colds…any day now I should catch the cold my wife and son have.  I’ve been averaging around 4-5 hours sleep a night and I’ve been the last to leave the office more times than I can remember.  My son has entered the “Mommy” stage and asks for her non-stop when I try to spend time with him and cries if she leaves the room…making me feel like a used up snot rag.  I remind myself to brush all this off and remember that a coat can be replaced, the light vandal is just an annoyance, the construction will get done, colds are common in December, and Max’s clinging to Kate is just a phase.  Then…my phone catches a virus and wipes my micro SD card.  Doesn’t sound so bad right?  Well, I’m an idiot.  That’s where all my pictures are…all of them…going back to Max’s birth…and they are gone.  I tried getting a card reader and restoring the card…but it is no use.  They’re gone.  Like a tiny fire, I’ve lost everything not loaded online.  That hurt the most.

If you are an idiot like me, go backup the pictures on your phone right now so they are not lost.  I wish I knew where my pea coat was and how to recover the pictures off my phone.  Someone somewhere is wearing my pea coat and doesn’t realize the last time I wore it my son was in my lap pointing out Christmas lights as we rolled through the streets in a horse-drawn carriage.  Someone somewhere is stoked that they made a virus that wipes people’s SD cards…but they aren’t “disrupting any corporate systems.”  they’ve just broken a loving father’s heart who wants to see captured memories of his son smiling.

Happy Holidays.

"The Kids" on a Plaza Sleigh Ride to see the lights.
“The Kids” on a Plaza Sleigh Ride to see the lights.

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