Basking In The Banal

After weeks of travel, shows in different cities, film festivals, and tight deadlines at work…this week marks the end of the turmoil and the beginning of the holiday season for my little family.  This weekend we will not be running to the airport, getting on the turnpike, or going anywhere other than a few local holiday parties.  Ahhhh.  We made it!

Our 2012 Tree

Last night my dad joined us for dinner while my mother was out with her girlfriends.  Kate made a lovely dinner and we convinced Dad that his diet was stupid and he should have a stuffed pepper.  I did the Dukan Diet with him last year (as my subscribers likely remember) and lost about 40 lbs.  However, having these ongoing protein-only days to maintain got tiresome and I just decided to eat healthy, take smaller portions, and be smart.  I have not gained back any of the weight and feel great.  Once he got a stuffed pepper on his plate it was clear we should open some wine, and if we’re putting out wine glasses we might as well set the table.  Platters came out, we did different dishes for different courses instead of the trough-style eating we do in front of the TV with everything in a bowl.  There was all the necessary silverware, and we all sat at the table like real people.  Max “cheers’d” us with his milk cup and we had a lovely meal together with conversations about what was going on in the world and our community.

After dinner we retired to the family room where we did not turn on the TV and instead continued to drink wine and talk to each other.  The diet was completely out the window at this point so Dad was easily persuaded to have cookies and chocolate with us.  Kate read Max books, I tucked him in, and then the three adults sat by the light of the Christmas tree and enjoyed the company.

Max’s Tree

These are the nights where you feel your age in a great way, you are at peace with your life and the simple things make you happy.  It was an ordinary night.  We had dinner, tucked in our child, had conversation, and put ornaments on the tree…its a timeline from most American households this time of year.  However, it was so relaxing and nice.  It felt good to be an adult.  It felt good to be a dad.  It felt good to be a husband.  It felt good to be a son who isn’t a child.  It felt good to be in my 30’s.  Sometimes the simplest things are the sweetest things, like root beer floats on cloudy days.

Here are some of the memories on our tree, what’s on yours?


Tell us (or show us) what’s on your tree.  Is there an ornament you think we should get?  Share with us your holiday traditions and how you “Bask in the Banal.”  Happy Holidays!

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