The Third Trimester

Today marks the beginning of the 3rd trimester for the pregnancy of my wife Kate and our second son (nickname: “Zag”).  The day began with Kate abruptly waking me up to get Max (our one and a half-year old) because she wasn’t feeling well.  I groggily stumbled out of our room that has 3 half unpacked suitcases and into Max’s room where he promptly greeted me by saying, “Hi Dada…Max went poo poo.”  Hooray!  Truthfully it was mostly just a shart but he had thunder peed so badly that it had leaked out the side of his diaper.  I changed the diaper while Max asked for “Mama.”  I explained she wasn’t feeling well…this doesn’t make sense to Max, he assumes I am hiding her from him.  Kate and I then swapped and I started my day as she attempted to get food to land inside Max’s mouth as he squirmed in his chair.  Next we all shared a shower  in which Max kicked me numerous times in the “tenders” in an attempt to not have his hair washed for picture day at school.  I held him while Kate scrubbed him…I was rewarded for my efforts by Max peeing on me.  At least it was in the shower.  All the clean clothes are in the guest room where it looks like a clothing bomb has gone off.  Then a quick lathering of paste on the teeth, a blood pressure pill, a sock here and there, and suddenly we are all heading out the door to our two cars.  Quick kiss, tiny hugs, and a pair of abbreviated “I love you.”

Monday.  Funday.  Not just any Monday…the beginning of the 3rd trimester and WHOOSH it rushed in with a bang!  Kate is having cramps/Braxton Hix contractions that have got me pretty worried, Max is gonna have a diaper surprise for the day care ladies for sure, and Zag is apparently growing eye lashes (per my iPad’s update).  Tada!  Sometimes it is hard to believe that just 3 years ago we bought a 22′ camper in Bolton Landing, NY and lived in it for a summer with our cat while we traveled the country.  Somehow before that we lived in San Francisco while Kate got her masters…and right before that we lived in NYC where we met and every day was a party.  Mondays used to be full of hangovers and stories of hilarity from the weekend…now they are the insane rush back to work/life and a brief respite from the whirling tornado that is our son.  Luckily, it’s a short week (Thanksgiving Thursday) and the second to last weekend of travel left in the year.

So, to celebrate moving forward into the 3rd trimester…I thought it would be nice to look back at a slide show with just a few pictures of the people we were before we bred tiny people.  I can almost remember it.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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