Battling The Flu

On Sunday as Kate, Max and I returned from Houston I noticed my skin felt kind of creepy crawly which I brushed off as nerves around flying.  However, by the time I got home I was starting to realize I was possibly getting sick – so Kate and I went to bed at 9:30pm to catch up on missed sleep from the fun weekend.  By the morning…I felt bad…real bad.  However at this point I felt dehydrated and assumed my body was just recovering from the weekend and the flying, so I went to work.  By noon I felt like my eyeballs were swelling and going to pop out of my head, my skin was on fire, and my muscles were aching.  At 4:30 I was home in bed and didn’t rise till 1:00pm the following day.

I remember some 102-103 degree temperatures, soup, vivid dreams, Kate taking Max to get a flu shot, and snippets of conversations with Kate.  I had the flu.  Tuesday was a complete wash and my time was spent battling a fever which greeted me with convulsion-like shivers and hallucination-like dreams.  At some point I apparently asked Kate to call the office to check up on the Strawberry Shortcake piece I designed for November…obviously, there is no Strawberry Shortcake piece and why my brain thought of Strawberry Shortcake is still beyond me.  Then Tuesday night I broke out in a sweat and the fever broke.

Wednesday I went to work and kept my distance from everyone and by Thursday I was pretty much back to good.  The strangest part was that my torso felt like I was covered in a sunburn, but my dermatologist assured me that it was just my skin reacting to the prostaglandins released in my sweat…much like my aching shoulder muscles.  That was a relief as I was excited to go Trick-or-Treating with Max on Halloween and this weekend is our last free weekend till December 8th.

Today I feel pretty good but I can tell you that flu (which was a very minor one) rocked my world.  I’ve waffled back and forth in the past as to if I should get the flu shot or not and this year (with a kid) has my mind made up…flu shots ahoy!  Yesterday, Max began running a fever and we don’t know if it is from his shot, my flu, or his last teeth.  He was lethargic  wouldn’t leave the couch, and when I put him down to sleep last night he slumped over and passed out.  This morning he woke up crying and wouldn’t go back to bed to I carried him into bed with us and he passed out on my chest.  Poor little guy.

I know vaccinations and flu shots are always a topic of discussion online, I had my own reservations when Max was born, but there are some powerful sicknesses out there and the truth of the matter is you and your kids get exposed to more thanks to the joys of daycare and other kids.  Yes, we live in Wichita where there is “good dirt,” but who knows what bacteria and germs they are spreading to each other via slobber and sneezes our new-parent-immune-systems can’t fathom.  If you are a new parent…prepare to get sick…and I mean SICK!  Your kid might be able to brush it off in a day or two…can you?

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