Max’s 2nd Halloween

Max not sure of his shark costume yet
My one and a half-year old Max, partially named for being king of all wild things, celebrated Halloween yesterday as one would expect a child his age to celebrate…with total awe!  Kate and I had no idea what to dress him as and figured we’d make a decision as Halloween got closer.  A few weeks back his Iowa grandparents sent him a care package with skeleton pajamas in it and we thought that was pretty sweet…very Donnie Darko.  Then at Target Max picked out a shark costume so we figured he’d go as a shark.  Then it was Halloween and time to get him dressed.  Kate put him in the skeleton pajamas (which glow in the dark) and then the shark costume (which only covers his torso).  So now he was like half shark half skeleton.  Whatever…he liked it.  Then, moments before heading out to ring doorbells I had an idea!  I added his penguin hat to the outfit, tugged the shark mouth back so you could see the penguin, and tada…!  Max went as…


Even penguins being eaten by sharks gotta eat!

At first he wasn’t too sure about all this fabric and why we were all trying to take pictures of him.  Then we went next door, rang the neighbor’s doorbell, and he said “Trick-or-Treat” and got a piece of candy.  This blew him mind.  He said “Happy Halloween” and we moved on to the next house to repeat.  After 3 houses Max understood exactly what was going on and needed no help from Mommy or Daddy to say the magic words that got him candy…well…he’s 21 months old…truthfully he was collecting candy for us.  Sweeeeeeeet!!!


We put a bowl of candy on our porch with a sign reading “Out  Trick-or-Treating, please take one.”  We were across the street when we watched two older kids just clean the bowl out as their parents laughed from the street.  When the same kids caught up to the next house Kate gave them a little talking to and magically some of the candy reappeared in the bowl at our house.  We then headed down the street to where the real action is.  They block off the streets in College Hill and thousands of families swarm to a few select streets where the houses put on massive shows including a life-sized pirate ship, laser light shows, massive spiders, ghosts, sound effects, and of course…literal ton upon tons of candy.  It’s like Halloween Disney Land.

Max and Dada on Halloween Street

Max toddled along with his jaw agape and as far as I can tell, Halloween is so far his favorite day of his life…maybe even topping the 4th of July which he refers to as “Boat Fireworks.”  Halloween he calls “Pumpkin-fire!”  I fear I have a pyromaniac on my hands as this kid seems to be obsessed with fire.  We ran into friends, made new friends, saw amazing decorations, and had a blast.  Max added “Jack-o-lantern” to his vocabulary as well as “Boo!”  By the time we got home it was too late for candy and Max was crashing so we tucked him in, read him stories of the Great Pumpkin, and he went to sleep staring at his glowing bones of his skeleton pajamas.

Happy Halloween!

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