Maclaren Volo Stroller Review

The Maclaren Volo

This weekend we put the Maclaren Volo Stroller to the test as we flew to Houston with our one and half year-old, Max.  Overall I had a positive experience with this lightweight stroller and only found a few things I would add to my wish list.  We had shopped extensively for a stroller around $100 and I am extremely pleased with the Volo stroller.  Not only did it meet our needs but we received compliments from other parents, airport staff, and strangers.  It fit easily in the trunks of all the cars we traveled in, went through the security screening easily, was easily stashed in the hotel room when not being used, and Max really liked it.  Here is my list of pros and cons:


  • Easy to fold and unfold
  • Could fold with one hand (two much easier)
  • Rolled great on concrete
  • Very maneuverable
  • Lightweight
  • Sturdy
  • Large basket
  • Nice design
  • Large bonnet
  • Max could get in/out on his own


  • No recline
  • Can’t see child when bonnet is on
  • Small wheels performed poorly in grass
  • Unfolding slightly awkward
  • No cup-holders

My biggest regret is that it didn’t recline (which other Maclaren models do).  Max fell asleep in it twice and I wanted to lay him back so he’d get a nap in…but truthfully the bumps in the pavement would have woken him up no matter what.  When the large bonnet was up I had no view of Max and couldn’t tell if he was sleeping, eating, awake, etc.  I would have liked a little viewing flap like some other models.  The small wheels were useless on grass…but its a lightweight stroller so it performed as expected.  The unfolding process could be a little easier and I often found myself either not fully unlocking it or locking the wheels as I snapped it into place.  They say cup-holders are the number one thing a woman looks at when purchasing a car…the same may hold true to men for strollers as we HATE to have to carry anything.  We’ll push something…but don’t make us carry something, that’s why we have wallets not purses.  Cup-holders and such on a stroller are a big bonus so we can put our water bottle somewhere or more more likely, Max could place his juice cup somewhere instead of constantly handing it to me.  Obviously we can add one on later…but it will effect the folding process I’m sure.  Other than that I was quite pleased with our new purchase and enjoyed the large basket underneath, the handles which were comfy to hold, the smooth ride, and most importantly…how much my son Max loved it.

On a 5 star scale I give this lightweight stroller a 4 star rating.

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One thought on “Maclaren Volo Stroller Review

  1. Maclaren strollers have been around since 1965 and the Maclaren Company is probably responsible for more stroller design breakthroughs than any other manufacturer. The Company’s Founder Owen Maclaren invented the umbrella stroller.

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