Max Go Up In Da Sky?

Its amazing the things a little kid remembers.  This summer we took Max to Lake George for our annual summer retreat to the Adirondacks.  While there he got to participate in my favorite event, 4th of July fireworks by boat.  However, it was an odd year.  A terrible storm rolled in, the winds were howling, our stern light broke, and the fireworks started before we could leave our bay.  We could hear them and see the flashes of light in the sky but no awesome view of the bombs bursting in air.  Then a rogue wave nailed us and sent a full-grown trout into the bow of the boat where it died in my cousin Henry’s lap.  At this moment we caught a glimpse of the fireworks through the trees!  Unfortunately the wind was so bad the barge had caught on fire and they were dumping the crates into the lake as fireworks haphazardly went off in all directions.  At this time we cleared the trees, saw one last boom of fireworks, and then it was over.  Well…there was still the ride home with more waves and some rain…but you get the picture…it sucked.

Max’s First New Years Fireworks

In August when we got home Max started asking every day, “Boat fireworks?”  It was such a sincere question that I felt bad I didn’t have a boat or fireworks, so I would tell him, “Sorry buddy, the boat is in New York and we are in Kansas. You have to wait till next year.”  Then Max blew my mind with his next question,” Go airport? Airplane? Max go up in da sky? Boat fireworks?”  Yeah…that is a one and a half-year-old comprehending that in order to see fireworks from the boat we need to drive to the airport, get on a plane, fly to New York, and get on the boat.  What he doesn’t comprehend is how hard this is…let alone how expensive, because every time we get in the car he asks if we are going to the airport.  “Not today buddy.”  Then he whimpers, “Boat fireworks…”

Today we ARE driving to the airport.  Today we ARE getting on an airplane.  We are NOT going to New York to see fireworks by boat.  We are going to a wedding in Texas and Max is going to meet a new “friend” (nanny service) at the hotel.  I fear I am going to destroy his world when he realizes all planes don’t lead to “Boat fireworks.”  Will he be excited to fly?  Will he stop asking to go to the airport?  Do I need to find a boat with fireworks in Houston, TX?  Stay tuned…

Max on the plane with Aunt Lindsey and Cousin Jake

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