Feeling The Baby Kick!

For the past few weeks Kate and I have been saying, “We just have to make it through October!”  With one week to go we are so close but November has already filled up with trips and things to do!  This weekend we are off to Houston for a wedding, then its Halloween, then a week in Iowa to set up Kate’s next show, then down to Dallas for another of Kate’s shows, next we are off to KC for Thanksgiving, then we go to St. Louis for work, and finally we have a weekend at home December 8th.  Ahhhhhhh.  Oh, and during all that we’re replacing the roof, the siding, gutters, and remodeling the back of the house.  Fun!  With all this craziness going on its easy to forget that we are having a baby in February…which is only 4 months away!  4 MONTHS!!!

The other night we crashed on the couch for a few minutes of down time before crawling into bed when Kate exclaimed, “Ooh…calm down Zag!”  I shot her a look and she explained, “He’s kicking up a storm.”  Prior to this when I would try to feel a kick it was so subtle that I could barely feel it.  Not this time!  Zag was practically leaving foot marks in Kate’s belly he was kicking so hard!  It felt so good to have a real interaction with my son.  I cuddled up to Kate’s belly and began singing…and the kicking slowly subsided till he was just calmly shifting around.  I’ve been so wrapped up in all the things we have going on that I have not been anywhere near as involved during this pregnancy as I was with Max.

Last night, I cuddled up to Kate and placed my hand on her belly and sure enough Zag gave some great kicks throughout the night.  It felt so good to feel my boy kicking away.  He is strong!  By the time we head to Iowa we’ll be entering the third trimester, where has the time gone?  Max loves to listen to the belly and say, Hi baby!”  He also loves to kiss the belly.  Its pretty adorable.  So now I have my eyes set on January when Max turns 2, we have one month to go till the birth, and my work schedule is open to do what I do best;  Be a loving father and husband.

We just have to make it through December.  😉

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