Max’s First Halloween Party

This Saturday, my folks were kind enough to take the whole family to Botanica for their Halloween party “Bootanica” which Max loved!  He colored his own candy bag, threw bean bags to win prizes, got a temporary tattoo of a froggy, pet an owl, saw an alligator, and fell in love with spiders.  As much fun as Max had…I think us parents and grandparents had more fun.  We followed him around like an entourage of iPhone Paparazzi snapping pictures and taking videos of all the things he did.  Max is a well documented kid.

Halloween is a week and a half away and I can’t wait to take him trick-or-treating in the neighborhood where I think he’ll have a blast.  On Sunday was the Prairie Fire Marathon which was awesome because the half marathon came right down our street and then the full marathon was half a block away.  So we got up at 7:30 am and waved to all the runners as they passed while we shook cow bells and shouted “keep going, you’re doing great!”  A number of friends passed by as they ran and Max got very excited and ran out into the street to be a runner as well…he was not happy to be reined back in.  Poor little guy was confused.  Since day 1 we have told him to stay out of the street and then suddenly EVERYONE is running in the street.  We put him in the swing and that seemed to compensate just fine.

Fall is in the air and weekends are full of activity!  This was my last weekend hurrah with Max before the gauntlet of working weekend and weddings begins!  My next free weekend is December 1st, and I am hoping for a banal Winter as we catch our breath and prepare for the new baby set to arrive in February.  Till then, as Max says on the swing, wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

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