The Last Teeth

Wilted Max

Max (who is now 21 months old) has his last teeth coming in and I’ll be very happy when they do.  His molars were the worst…big flat teeth slowly pushing their way through his gums causing him excruciating pain and deafening Kate and I with Max’s constant cries.  These last teeth seem to just make Max act like a baby…so for the first time in his life he is acting his own age!  He doesn’t complain often but his fingers are in his mouth 24/7 picking at the spot where his new crunchers will soon be.  He occasionally wilts for no reason and of course there is the constipation.  It is so odd.  He has gone through so much pain to get these teeth, however they’ll all fall out in the coming years as his adult teeth come in.  I get it, Max would look really weird with a set of full adult teeth right now.  Still…that’s a lot of pain for a little guy to go through right off the bat.

Luckily Max can easily be distracted by wrestling with Dada, petting the cat, playing with cars, throwing a ball, and all the other amazingly active things he does.  Every Thursday is “Guys Night” in our house.  Just me and Max while Mommy is teaching late.  We have a blast!  We played catch, we played with the cars, we had meatloaf, we cheers’d glasses, we played hide and seek, Max tackled me, and then BOOM!  He wilted.  Teeth and exhaustion kicked in.  I decided to skip the bath and go straight to book and night-night.  While Max was okay to not bathe he scolded me when I turned of the lights, “Max needs to brush his teeth.”  It was like having baby Bob Dole preach hygiene to me as he demanded fluoride in the third person!  So we went into the bathroom, brushed our teeth, and then it was off to bed.

I am happy that Max has it ingrained in his head that he needs to brush his teeth so it will be habit by the time he is an adult.  However, my dark side is like “You don’t have to brush your teeth…they’re just gonna fall out!”  Seriously.  It’s like washing your car in a rainstorm.  No point.  I know, I know, I know…good habits and all.  Moot point.  Its pouring outside right now in Wichita…guess I’ll go outside and wash the car.

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