Finding Out The Gender Of The Baby

Yesterday was a crazy day starting very early with workers tearing down our fence to dig a 14 foot hole in the yard for a new sewer main tap (the joys of home ownership). Right about the time the fence came down and our paver stones got crushed we realized it was time to go to the sonogram and check up on the little baby we’ve nicknamed “Sesame.”

Of course as soon as we get there my heart starts pounding because these are the moments that make a pregnancy very real for dads. The night before I felt Sesame kick for the first time which is both amazing and terrifying! It makes the pregnancy oh so real and birth eminent.

Our name was called and we went into the room I nearly fainted in 2 years ago when I saw Max for the first time. A few moments later, boom…there was Sesame on the screen bopping around with a perfect little heart beating away. Blood flow was good, brain, lungs, kidneys, etc. Each one a little check list in the a dad’s mind…I began breathing easy as everything looked healthy. The tech had asked us if we wanted to know the gender and we did want to know. My heart knew what we were having. I knew it since the moment Kate told me she was pregnant. My gut said girl.

The tech looked around and then said, “Well, there you go!” Then she and Kate started laughing. I had no idea what I was looking at. I saw this shape that I guessed was a vagina and realized the girls were having a moment together as girls do…like when they go to the bathroom together to put on makeup. The tech, my wife, and my daughter were having a moment together and already I was an outsider. “It’s a girl?” I shouted out in question and excitement! “It’s a boy.” Kate explained and pointed to the left side of the screen where my second son (like my first son) was not shy about showing off. The tech said, “I never say 100% but I will go with 99.9% as I don’t know what else THAT could be!”

Like with Max I got hit with a wave of excitement, stumbled backwards into a chair, and felt tears of sheer jubilation on my cheek. Girl or boy would have had the same reaction…but now I knew.

I’m going to have 2 boys. No lie…it’s a Dad’s dream. Also don’t need to buy any new toys or clothes! The question is after he is born will I be able to stop there or will I go crazy without having Daddy’s little girl. I do want a girl and now my family has 3 boys between my sister and I. Adoption is very real in my mind and heart, so we shall see.

For now…it’s the “Gates Boys!!!” We also are thinking up a new nickname as Sesame seems a bit girly for a boy. Max was Zig, any suggestions for…Zag?


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