Marriage And Children

Matching Cards

Over the weekend Kate and I got to celebrate our 4 year wedding anniversary with a nice fancy dinner, exchanging cards, exchanging new vows, walking with gelato, and a feeling of belonging in a community.  It was lovely.  One of the fun parts of our wedding was our vows that we wrote to each other.  Neither of us knew the other’s vows and we heard them for the first time during the ceremony as we read them to each other in front of friends and family…and amazingly they were almost EXACTLY identical.  It was spooky, but also a clear indicator we were on the same wavelength…so it was comical and still telling when we both opened our cards this weekend to find we had picked out the exact same card for each other and written near-identical new vows.

We laughed over sushi; mine raw and Kate’s cooked.  We toasted glasses; mine a martini and Kate’s a water (though a little sake was sipped).  Max slept in his crib with the sitter and “Sesame” did back flips in Kate’s belly.  It was a lovely night.

Today, my wife is practically a cripple.  Apparently “Sesame” (who is 18 weeks in utero) wanted more room so Kate’s spine was pushed slightly to one side.  The combination of high heels and a growing baby was too much and Hobble Along Cassidy has me doing the heavy lifting around the house while she tries to get her back to relax.  The chiropractor helps, I’ll force her to get a massage, and I’ll carry whatever I have to.  We got a day…well…a night to ourselves.  A night without Max where we got to be real adults…and on the other side of that night was the reality that the hard part of this next pregnancy is about to begin.

Its all becoming very real!

Friday we hope to find out the gender of the baby…unless he/she is shy and doesn’t want to show off what their mamma gave em.  Max seems to have another tooth coming in or something as he is slightly warm, clingy, clenching his mouth, and resorts to tears quickly.  Plus he is almost two.  Ahhhh.  A toddler and a newborn.  What a lovely spring it will be in our house.

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