4 Year Wedding Anniversary

9/11 + you and me = our anniversary.

That’s the little rhyme that I keep in my head to remember my wedding anniversary.  Funny how we remember things.  For example, I know Kate’s birthday is February 9th but my brain brings it to me the way I learned it when we were first dating;  My birthday is July 19th.  My freshman year of college I was pleased as punch to find out my roommate Matt’s birthday was also a 19th…February.  Kate’s birthday is just like Matt’s only minus the 10 (19-10=9).  It is also easy to remember because Kate was then (and still somewhat now) obsessed with the number 3.  9 is three 3’s (3+3+3=9).  February 9th.

Today is my 4 year anniversary of marriage, a little swap of the rhyme helps with the year:  9/11 + me and you = our anniversary…2010 minus 2.  September 11th is a pretty memorable date for Americans + 2 days (me and you) = September 13th.  2010 – 2 is 2008 and it just completes the rhyme.  Add 2 and subtract 2 and everything balances out.

I can remember Max’s birthday because I focused on it so heavily for months!  Once we knew we were going to have to induce I wrote it on my calendar in red and circled it with a big red marker.  I see that visual every time.

My little anniversary rhyme helps me remember the date but doesn’t do jack for the memories.  I know there were speeches, food, dancing, drinking, etc.  All I can remember is Kate ascending the hill in the park and feeling my heart swell.  That sight is when I emotionally became a husband…not when I said “I do” or when I signed the marriage certificate.  No, it was when I saw Kate walking toward me with a smile so big her teeth were almost blinding, her shoulders delicately confident, and her happiness shinning for all the world to see.  That was when I became a husband, standing under a tree by Lake George surrounded by my friends and family.

Tomorrow night we will celebrate and continue our little tradition of reading new wedding vows to each other.  The vows we took on September 13th, 2008 still stand true but marriage requires compromise and the ability to grow.  People change.  situations change.  Families grow.  So we read new vows to each other to fit our ever growing lives.  The fact of the matter is I got to marry my best friend…and I lucked out that she’s gorgeous.

So…to my wife, to my friend, to the mother of my child and the life of my baby-to-be; happy anniversary.  Yesterday we got the best gift ever, Kate felt the baby kick for the first time.  Kick, kick, kick.  Tiny kicks…or hiccups.  So with all the chaos of our lives swirling around us with home renovations, excavating a sewer main, managing finances, and blah, blah, blah…it all goes HAULT!!!  Pause.  This week is for snuggling, for holding hands, for pushing Max on the swing, for hugs, for nose to nose gazing into each other’s eyes, and all those things we sometimes forget to do when marriage seems to be about managing the chaos.  At its core, marriage is about two people being in love and sharing that love with the world around them.  So…to all of you, I love my wife more today than I did yesterday or the day she ascended the hill to the tree by Lake George.  We are trees side by side entangling our branches more and more with each passing moment.  At the base we are two individual living things…but at the canopy it is impossible to know sometimes who’s branch is who’s…

Wow!  Cheese factory.  Love you kiddo, I’ll try not to fart too much tonight.  😉

One thought on “4 Year Wedding Anniversary

  1. My parents celebrate their 40th this weekend! (that’s your 4 x 10 — since you seem to like math!) I may have to steal your little cheese line for the card I’m yet to make for them. Thanks, Mr. Hallmark! (i’ll pay you royalties in bbq)

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