Back To School Cold

Last week Max went back to day care and Kate started teaching again.  Back to school.  On day 1 Max came home with a cold and now (1 week later) we all have it.  Max is currently in the stage of the cold where there is a constant stream of snot dangling from both nostrils like erratic bungee jumpers hanging on for dear life to bridge during an earthquake.  Kate is in the stage where she can’t breathe through her nose at all and the act of mouth-breathing makes her nauseous (pregnant) so she passes out on the couch in a pile of teacher classwork grading stuff.  I’m in the stage where everything in my face feels dried out and I swear if I got 5 more minutes of sleep and drank some super healthy smoothie thing I’d be alright.

Seems like every year this is the time when everyone gets the same cold, that back-to-school cold.  It doesn’t make sense…its 95 degrees outside…why are there colds.  I know that the temperature has nothing to do with colds but I always associate them with winter and being huddled in blanket over a bowl of hot soup.  With the AC on I can’t sleep with a blanket…its hot out!

Sadly, we are all out in the world doing our part to pass this cold along.  I guess it’s a good thing?  Eventually I won’t catch anything because Max will have brought home everything so Kate and I can be at last immune.  At least that is what I’m telling myself.  It is true though to some extent.  Max will drop an orange slice on the ground and without thinking pick it up and eat it (much to other parent’s shock that we allow it).  Allow it?  I encourage it!  That’s good dirt right there buddy!  Get some bacteria!  Get some germs!  Teach your body to defend itself!  Its part of Kate my simple rules for Max’s learning to survive without needing to cling to us.  If he falls we don’t pick him up (unless it’s a bad one of course), he’s perfectly capable of picking himself up.  This also means he doesn’t cry very much.  He fake cries for a second or two to see if we’ll react…we don’t…he stops crying and goes back to playing.  This allows us to know when he is REALLY crying, and thus needs us to pick him up or comfort him.  He’s a baby…but he aint no baby.  Same goes for dirt.  Scrape your knees, eat a little dirt, fall in the pond, and let your body do what it was designed to do.

Kids are more resilient than we think.  A little dirt, a few scrapes, and a back-to-school cold are good for the body.  However, I must preface this by saying this is one of the reasons we live where we do.  Good dirt.  Yards.  Safe water.  If we were still living in NYC, LA, or San Fran I’m sure I would have a slightly different outlook on things.

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