The Second Trimester

Today marks the beginning of the second trimester (13 weeks).  My little bean (which we have nicknamed “Sesame”) is about 3 inches long now which is about the size of the wireless mouse to my computer…which when I cradle it in my hand and imagine as a tiny person feels strange.  I remember with Max (then nicknamed “Zig”) how odd this seemed to me…that a person was growing inside my wife!  Now I’m like, Yeah…that seems right…tiny person about the size of a lime…yup.  With Max I was so curious about what he would look like, sound like, be like, etc.  Max is almost 19 months old and I still can’t answer those questions…because he changes EVERY DAY!  The only similarity I can note is the mixed feelings of joy and fear knowing that everything is going to change in February.  My family is going to expand.

Last night I had a migraine, Kate had morning sickness (though its more all-day-sickness), and we both loafed around the house till we finally passed out around 10pm.  Its starting to feel real which (as I said above) is both exciting and scary.  Kate’s belly has started to protrude, her hormones are in flux, and next week I hope to finally hear my baby’s heart at our next checkup.  Till now the only proof I had that Kate was preggers was a CVS pee-test, an ultrasound of what I was told is my baby (I saw a tiny heart), some serious wife-farts, and the giveaway…Kate salivates at every fast food commercial on TV and then gets a spoonful of ice cream.

So right now everyone asks the same question, “Do you know if it’s a boy or a girl yet?”  No…too early.  This is then followed up with, “Will you find out?”  Yes, when we can find out we will find out.  Then the real question, “Which are you hoping for?”  That one…I don’t know.  First time around I was totally open to whatever and my gut told me it was a girl.  When I found out it was a boy I was shocked because I hadn’t even considered having a boy till that moment…and then I was all excited to have a boy!  Truthfully…looking back, I was ecstatic to have a boy.  It is a Father’s dream…but so is having Daddy’s little princess.  This time around my gut says girl and I don’t think I’m wrong.  I’m 80% gut-positive it’s a girl.  Don’t ask how I know…I just know.  If I’m wrong I’m wrong…but I think I’m right.  Having a boy and a girl is awesome…one of each!  Having 2 boys is also awesome…The Gates Boys!  Either way it doesn’t matter, we’ll find out in a month or so.  Maybe its a Cheetah…or a Badger.  I don’t know why…but wouldn’t that be cool?  The doctor is all like, “Mr. Gates…I’m not sure you’re the father…”  Then there’s this tiny “Reeeeow!” sound and a tiny Cheetah in the delivery room.  Can you tell the sex of a Cheetah on an ultrasound?  I once had a bunny named “Muffin” who my college girlfriend and I bought to keep our other girl bunny company…then “Muffin” got a boner and attacked the other bunny.  Called him “Mr. Muffin” from that day on.  He died the day I met Kate 3 years later.  Hmmm.  Weird side story…I guess I’m bad at guessing the sex of small animals and babies in utero.  So that makes Sesame a boy?  Who knows.

Okay, to sum things up: Sesame is in the second trimester, Max is afraid of the potty, Kate has gas, I have gas, we all have gas, Max gets gas then craps his pants and refuses to go to the potty, we are NOT having a Cheetah, and I suck at guessing the sex of small animals and babies.

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