Toddler Learning To Swim

December 2011 with Grandpa Frank

My wife and I are fishes…not literally…but wouldn’t that blow your mind.  All this time reading this blog I had no idea Ryan was a fish!  A fish that can type thank you very much!  No, we have lungs and feet but we dive head first into every body of water we can for as long as we can.  Its no wonder we’re fishes, we come from fishes.  My dad is from Lake George and spent his youth in a swimsuit.  I think Kate’s dad may have a suit on under his khakis instead of underwear as he always seems ready to swim no matter where we are.  “Oooh a pool!  Neat!”  [SWOOSH SOUND]  …and Frank has changed into a swimsuit and UV shirt.

Max on the beach, Christmas 2011

It is only natural that the next generation be fishes and this past weekend Max proved that he is in fact a fish.  Since birth Max’s favorite thing has been the bath – or as he calls it, “Splash-Splash!”  We introduced him to the pool soon after and it was love at first sight.  Then I dunked him underwater and while he did not hate it – he clearly didn’t love it either.  Then came the lake, the ocean, the beach, and all were greeted with great applause.  We spent Mother’s Day lounging by the pool and playing with Max who officially achieved fish status by doing two things:

1.)  Played Till Teeth Chattered

In the water its nice and warm, but out of the water it was slightly chilly.  Max played happily on the stairs into the pool which meant his waist was underwater and his torso was above.  After about an hour of this his teeth began to chatter and he was clearly cold.  I asked him if he was cold which he agreed he was.  I asked if he wanted to get out and he profoundly demanded “NO!”

2.)  Recovered From A Fall

A few times he slipped and fell face first into the water.  Instead of freaking out, he put his feet under him and stood up out of the water.  After doing this a few times he started doing it on purpose…and then it happened…he dunked himself.  Looking calmly into my eyes he intentionally sat down so his entire body went underwater!  The top of his head bobbed on the surface for a moment as tiny bubbles came out of his mouth.  Then he popped back up victoriously with a HUGE smile on his face that said “Look Dada…I did it!!!”  The fact that he dunked himself is awesome, that he did it while blowing bubbles is amazing!  This was greeted with cheers from Kate and I and thus became his new favorite thing to do in the pool.

Now I hold him on his stomach while he kicks his feet and uses his arms to swim, just like Dada.  He doesn’t have time to fuss with those floatie things…he just wants to swim like Mama and Dada.  Our little fish will be swimming soon!

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