Household Pecking Order After Baby

The king of his castle!  The master of his domain!  The man of the house!  Clearly these titles were not intended for men with children.  Since becoming a father I have become aware that the pecking order of my family has drastically changed.  At first it was funny as I realized how far down the list Luna our cat had moved…then I realized I had moved down a few notches as well.  Below I have created a flow chart of my family’s household pecking order that illustrates the changes that have taken place over the past year.


3 thoughts on “Household Pecking Order After Baby

  1. Parenting is a humbling experience. Just wait until Max is in junior high and high school and causing all kinds of havoc in your life. Just remember never to say, “my kid(s) wouldn’t do that.”

    One of my favorite things to comfort myself became, “This Too Shall Pass,” and it did.

    I feel certain when you are my age you will have come to believe that being a good parent is one of the most beautiful gifts you give yourself. Trust me on this.

    Ryan, you remain one of my very favorite people.


  2. I sent this to my husband because I thought he’d appreciate it (Hollis is 2 months younger than Max) and his response was as follows:

    “I think parent is mostly interchangeable at some point.
    I plan in usurping your position in the future. Consider yourself
    warned. The cats have a longer-range plan that involves enslaving the
    child to their needs.”

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