Day Care Hall Pass? (PART 2)

A few weeks ago I posted about how my son and I were getting “Class Passes” at Day Care when we showed up after 9:00 AM.  If you missed it, you can catch the full article here.  After that post I expressed my dislike for the pass to the administration and they kindly listened to what I had to say and took it to heart.  Today…Max and I got another one…and I could be cordial no longer.  It has come to my attention that the issue is the policy and the system…not the administrators who are enforcing it.  I know because I directly expressed my thoughts on the matter to the administrator who gives me the class passes and her response was simply that it is a policy she has to enforce.  So, being the bull-headed man that my wife hates, I wrote a letter to the facility and its owner.  This is that letter.  For privacy reasons, respect for the facility, and love of the staff and teachers I have omitted all names and titles from the letter – otherwise it is unedited.

Attn: ——————————-

I am writing to you as the proud father of Max, a member of Ms. ———-’s class in room —- of (CHILDCARE FACILITY NAME).  May I first say that my wife Kate and I have been ecstatic about the (CHILDCARE FACILITY NAME) staff who go above and beyond to create an amazing atmosphere for kids.  Max loves going there, he is learning so much from your staff and his peers, and the convenience of your location to my office is an added perk.  As busy parents who both work, my wife Kate and I are happy to pay for day care service from your fine facility.  However, our work schedule has caused us to have an ongoing issue with a policy at (CHILDCARE FACILITY NAME) that I would like bring to your attention: The Class Pass.

Numerous times we have been given a Class Pass when we arrive shortly after 9:00 AM, which as I understand is the policy of (CHILDCARE FACILITY NAME).  What I have a hard time understanding is the purpose of the Class Pass.  I have requested it be explained numerous times by various members of your staff and I have come to understand that while it is a policy that was created with good intentions – it has become a policy I find does not serve a purpose.

It makes no sense for me to receive a tiny piece of signed paper to take 15 feet to Max’s classroom where it ends up in the trash moments later.  While I understand that the policy states it is for the teacher to receive I have not met one member of your teaching staff that has ever needed, requested, or wanted the pass once I enter the classroom.  In fact, 99% of the time they tell me “you can keep that.”  I derive the idea is to show I have stopped by administration before going to the classroom but I do not see the purpose of it.  I do not get a class pass to drop Max off before 9:00 AM nor do I get one to pick him up any time I want throughout the day.  I’m not a stranger or grandparent; I’m the father who drops him off every time.  As a parent, my interpretation of the Class Pass (as well as numerous other parents I have spoken to) is that it is demeaning to us, the parent.  We the parents feel as if we are being scolded for our tardiness.  I personally find it insulting.

If Max were attending (CHILDCARE FACILITY NAME) as a student with lesson plans and homework, a class pass would make sense as we would be late for school.  However, he is not.  He is 13 months.  He cannot say “Class Pass,” nor can he say “Sorry for being late.”  He can ask for a cracker, clap his hands, chew on a toy, and point to farm animals on the wall.  While we affectionately call what he does at your facility “school,” it is in fact, “Day Care.”  Day Care is a service I pay for so my wife and I can go to work and make enough money to pay for Day Care.  Please don’t insult me by scolding me for being late to a service I am paying for weekly because my schedule doesn’t conform to that of your facility.  If Class Passes are included in the weekly tuition I pay for (CHILDCARE FACILITY NAME)’s Day Care services, please deduct that amount from my weekly bill as I hereby decline Class Pass services.

I am happy to discuss my thoughts on Class Passes should you desire.  Thank you.

My wife isn’t happy that I sent this but she’s a good friend and reluctantly supports me in things I am passionate about and this is something that has deeply irked me.  I don’t ever want to see another class pass again…and if I do it should be mandatory for every child to have one to enter a class room at any time as well as to be picked up.  Of course then I would have to protest it for the waste of paper this system created.  9:00 AM is our schedule.  that is when we can get Max to school and get ourselves to work.  If we were not 9-5 and had later shifts meaning we brought Max to Day Care at 11:00 AM would we get a class pass every day?  Where is the line?  At what point does the policy become ridiculous…because for me, it already has.

2 thoughts on “Day Care Hall Pass? (PART 2)

  1. Ryan,

    As I’ve told you times before, I greatly enjoy your blog!

    This ‘Class Pass’ issue is really ridiculous. I’m a father of a child 11 mo. who’s just started ‘day care’ here in Norway. It’s provided by the government, though we do pay a nominal fee. At the ‘barnehagen’, we can bring the child whenever we like, and take them whenever we like. I believe we have a ‘right’ to up to 37.5 hours of day care a week. It is a very casual arrangement, despite extradorinary facilities.

    The barnehagen we go to has more than eight departments: four for 1-3 yr olds, and four for 3-6 yr. olds. In each department there are two main teachers and 2-3 assistants. I believe each department is capped around 15 children.

    Anyway, this comment is just to say that having witnessed the systems and security measures my sister had to go through with my nephews in Day Care in the US, I don’t envy you. But to add to the security measures something as demeaning as the ‘Class Pass’, that does indeed seem rather over the top. As you say, you are paying them for a service to provide to you, why on Earth should they define the time your child arrives or leaves?

    1. Hei John! Jeg fant ut vår barneomsorg er en “utviklingsmessig skole” så det har spesielle regler og forskrifter under overvåkning av staten. Men jeg tror fremdeles klasse Pass er dum.

      Hi John! I found out our childcare is a “developmental school” so it has special rules and regulations overseen by the state. However, I still think the Class Pass is stupid.

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