Sit Maxwell…Sit.

Sitting Like An Adult

So one of Max’s skills that is adorable is sitting.  I know many of you are all like “Sitting isn’t a skill.”  It is when you are a 1-year-old and mastering the art of sitting, standing, climbing, and so on.  A few weeks ago Max started doing it all on his own; he’d walk to the stairs in the entry way of our house, cautiously back up to the bottom step, and then sit.  For about a week if you wanted to find Max he was more than likely sitting on the bottom step of the stairs…just chillin’.  Now he does it with ease but is super frustrated when all the adults sit outside on the patio because the chairs are too big for him and he needs help up and down.  Once in, he sits and is happy as can be…but soon he wants down…then back up, then down…up…down…  See a pattern here?  Max needed a Max-sized chair.

Building The Chair

Last night, using scrap wood and paint, I made Max’s first chair.  When my wife came into the garage to see what I was working on she cried…I guess it was on of those “Daddy Moments” that make Moms cry.  For me it started with watching Max get frustrated looking for a place to sit and resigning to sit on the back step to the porch.  I thought, “Why buy him a chair he’ll outgrow in a year when I can build one for free tonight.”  So I went to work.  After Kate cried it started sinking in that the chair was pretty special.  One of those things that a kid could cherish.  Maybe Max fixes it up one day and gives it to his kids?  Maybe it’s that thing…that special thing…  Then again maybe he won’t care.

This morning I fetched it from the garage and was pleased with the base coat of paint and initial work done.  It needs a little more to be complete but this was a great start.  For kicks I brought it into the kitchen to show Max.  His response damn near made me cry.  To say he loved it would be an understatement!  Immediately he ran to it, pointed, and said “Chair!”  I explained it was “Max’s chair.” and he squealed with delight.  Max then sat in it…paused…and then clapped his hands while laughing with delight.  He then put on a 10 minute sit & stand show for us.  It was adorable.

So before you go to Walmart or Target and buy that factory-made chair…try making something yourself.  Your kid won’t care that it isn’t perfect, they just care that you made it for them.  They’ll cherish it.

Max was very excited to have his own chair!
Max sits in his new chair that I made for him

2 thoughts on “Sit Maxwell…Sit.

  1. wow! That is an incredible red chair, an incredible Dad, and some incredible moments captured on “film.” yup! it’s in the ” this is special’ category. ( pass the tissue, please).

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