So Long Winter!

Max Meets Wu

83 degrees is the projected high for Wednesday this week in what has been an extremely mild winter for Wichita.  I have played golf every month in 2012 which has been great but confusing as well.  One day it is gorgeous outside, the next it is freezing and windy, then it is sunny, then it is hailing…  That’s Wichita for you, I guess…or global warming.  Oops!  Sorry Wichita, I know terms like “global warming” are swear words…not as bad a swear as “Obama” or “Democrat,” but swears nonetheless.  “Obamacrat.”  Boom.

This weekend we opened the windows, aired out the house, and dug our fingers into the earth!  Kate planted wild grasses in the back yard, I built stretcher bars for her paintings, we pulled up paver stones and reset them, we dined under the stars while Max ran around the yard, a fire licked from the fire pit on the patio, and beer bottles clinked among friends.  Spring has sprung!  Most exciting was pulling the bikes out and taking Max for a ride in the tow-behind to the duck pond where he got to use his favorite word in context; “Ducky.”

Max and mommy then swung on the swings together, to which Max showed off his other new phrase, “Wheeeeeeeee!”  He took me by the hand and pointed out all the wildlife.  We saw geese, ducks, turtles, blue herons, fish, a doggie, babies, other kids, and of course Momma and Dadda.  In the tow-behind he sat quietly and looked out at the world while sipping on his apple juice as Dadda slowly peddled home with 30 pounds of Max and stuff attached to the axle.

Sunday we continued to play in the yard and went to the Wichita State party where ESPN announced the NCAA Tournament seeding, putting WSU in a rematch against VCU in the southern bracket.  Max finally got to meet Wu Shock in person which was hilarious because “Wu” was one of his first words and he is obsessed with Wu on TV, logos, etc.  You could literally see his brain trying to put it all together, “You mean that thing I point to on all your shirts is a real person-thing-guy?!!!”  Yeah buddy, meet Wu.  Daddy knows Wu…and now so do you.  My kid didn’t dream of meeting Mickey Mouse or Dora the Explorer…no, he wanted to meet Wu Shock.  Made my heart swell will glee!

The yard is now full of flowers that have already begun to pop!  The pear tree is ready to start making fruit…and pears are Max’s favorite.  Rabbits and squirrels play non-stop in the ground cover, birds chirp, bugs crawl, and it seems that everything is simply moments away from those still Kansas nights filled only by the sound of Cicadas singing in the dark.

Of course it is easy to forget that while all this means golf and bonfires…tornado season is about to begin.  Alas, it comes with the prairie.  So long winter.

Max and Mom swinging at the playground. "Wheeeeeee!"

One thought on “So Long Winter!

  1. Great blog! I live here, and through your eyes and words you made me fall in love with a place and season I might take for granted!

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