Biting At Day Care (PART 2)

At some point in parenting you are inevitably going to end up being the parent of the kid who bit or got bit.  Its going to happen, like rashes on babies, it just happens.  As you all read in my Monday post “Biting At Day Care” I was the parent of the kid who bit.  This morning Max and I did the walk of shame back to the scene of the crime…Day Care.

Max walked in the room and strolled over to the snack table like nothing had happened, and really…had anything?  The boy he bit was sitting at the table enjoying a graham cracker with juice, his forehead void of any evidence he had been horse-bit by my child 4 days prior.  He appeared to not be wearing any baby concealer nor wearing his hair in such a way to hide any signs of day care domestic abuse suffered at the hands of my son’s miniature (but deadly) incisors.  Everything seemed normal.  I pulled up a chair for Max at the table while his teacher laid out crackers and juice for him, all the while the boy who had been bit watched curiously from his chair.  The two sat side-by-side.

Then the boy who had been bit suddenly threw a cracker at Max and cackled with delight.  The look of curiousness had been replaced with devilish delight!  Max looked at the boy, and without taking his eyes off him picked up the cracker that had been thrown at him (ignoring his own crackers which were closer to him), and slowly…methodically…purposefully…ate that cracker.  You’ve never seen two babies more locked in to each other than these two.  A 1-year-old staring contest for the ages.  I think there is an old west showdown going on at day care today and its all going to come to a head this week at the OK Corral…a.k.a., the ball pit.

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