I Miss Max

Kate and Max are in Iowa this weekend for a birthday party and to see family, leaving me alone with the house and an old cat.  I forgot to pick up cat food yesterday…so the cat is old and hungry…bad combo.  I took the baby gate off the top of the stairs for the weekend since I won’t need it and I keep finding myself freaking out at how unsafe it is to not have the gate…what if Max…oh, right…he’s not here.  I miss Max.  This morning while getting ready for work light came spilling into his room filling it with the glow of morning.  I suddenly rushed in there hoping he would magically be there, as if Tink had brought him back to me from Never Never Land.  Just an empty crib.  His blanket still smells like him.  I miss Max.  This morning Kate called because Max was asking for me.  Max shouted into the phone in his 1-year-old voice, “Dada? Dada?”  I responded and we talked – though mostly he wanted to talk about duckies and noses…2 of his only words.  Tonight I’ll probably rent a horror movie or something Kate would never watch, take a box of Girl Scout Cookies to bed with me, and cuddle up with Max’s blanket and the cat.

  • NOTE TO SELF: Feed Cat

Damn you Girl Scout Cookies!  You arrive in my house the very day Kate and Max go on a weekend road-trip!  So long diet!  I miss Max.  I miss Kate.  I didn’t sleep last night, it was strange being home alone without either of them there.  I woke up on Kate’s side of the bed, the covers on the floor, and completely discombobulated.  I miss Kate.  I miss Max.


Stupid cat. Gotta go get cat food now.

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