Day Care Hall Pass?

Our 1-year-old son Max goes to day care because both my wife and I work.  The day care we go to has some great attributes as well as some that irk me.  This is one that irks me…the hall pass.  There are no classes, there is no first bell, and it is not school…it is day care.  However, they have specifics about when the day begins and ends which I totally get and understand.  However, this is day care, not school, a service I pay for so I can go to work and afford to send my son to day care.  Vicious circle.  If you show up even a minute past the “start time” you have to get a hall pass from the front office.

Max and I have gotten 2 hall passes since we began day care.  The first one seemed understandable since the kids were outside and the regular teacher was not there.  The next time pissed me off.  We were less than 10 minutes late and stopped at the door, the administrator told me “You really need to be on time or call in advance.”  Then she handed me the hall pass.  Oh…by the way, the hall pass is a slip of paper the size of a thumbnail with my son’s name on it, what classroom he is going to, and the administrator’s authorizing signature.  So now I have this tiny hall pass.  Is there some 1-year-old hall monitor with a tiny red sash patrolling the halls looking for babies and toddlers sneaking out of class and busting illegal potty breaks?  My kid can barely say “Dada” let alone “Do you have a hall pass?”  Needless to say, we did not encounter a tiny hall monitor on the 15 foot walk from the desk to his class room.  I handed the hall pass to the teacher and she said, “That’s okay, you can hang on to that.”  Huh?  So what was the purpose?

The purpose is simple…it is an insult to parents and completely demeaning.

Today Max and I were running behind because it is Mommy’s birthday and we were having a family morning.  She called ahead saying Max and I would be late.  When we arrived we headed to the desk to get our hall pass and the administrator said, “You can go on in, I informed them that you would be late.”

The next hall pass they give me will elicit a conversation requiring a detailed explanation as to the purpose of the hall pass.  Perhaps I will give them a hall pass for every time I go to pick my son up and have to search all the classrooms at the end of the day because they moved him.  I walked in the door, you said “hi” to me, you knew he was in room 4 and not 6, but you waited till I came back to ask to tell me?  Hall pass…major hall pass.

2 thoughts on “Day Care Hall Pass?

  1. Totally hilarious. I couldn’t agree more with that last part – moving the kids around. Although, I think a few of the kids would be totally cute in a little red sash as hall monitor. Keep me posted on the impending future conversation.

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