Evacuate The Bathtub!

Last night something happened that my wife and I were amazed hasn’t happened sooner.  After dinner last night Kate took Max upstairs for his bath, part of his nightly routine before going to bed.  He was a bit cranky so Kate decided to integrate both bath-time and teeth brushing into one.  From the next room I could hear the happy sounds of Max chewing on his tooth brush and Kate scrubbing her own with hers.  Then…I heard Kate’s muffled voice through suds of toothpaste shout…

“No.  Max!  Noooo!  Help!  Ryan!  We need your help!  We need…oooooh.  Max.  Oh no…Max…ooooh…”

The accompanied sounds Max made as Kate exclaimed these words left no doubt in my mind that Max had just pooped in the bathtub.  Sure enough, I entered the bathroom to find my wife hovering over the tub with a tooth brush dangling from her mouth, tooth paste dripping from her lips, Max in her arms dripping with bath water, and a series of different textured turds adorning our bathtub.  My automatic reaction was of course to laugh.  Max had managed to squeeze out one floater, 1 clump of what I assume was corn, and a trail of clods from the tub to where he now dangled.  His eyes still red and watery from the extreme pushing he had just undergone to gift us this experience, his mood shifted to slightly scared confusion and general amusement.

A little water and bleach took care of the problem soon after though this morning during my shower it was hard to bleach the image from my memory as I stood in the tub/shower.  Amazing this has not happened sooner.  While Max is months away from the potty training process he has done everything else very early so we’re going to start throwing some potty training words and tools his way to see how he responds.  He already is comunicating well with sign language to let us know when he is hungry, what he is hungry for, when he wants to be picked up, etc.  Last night prior to this scene he used the sign for “please” for the first time.  It was awesome.  I guess it is only fitting that the same night he learns his first courteous word he also thunder-craps the tub.

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