Max 'n Mom

Today is Max’s birthday…officially making him 1.  However, he’s not truly 1 till 11:08 PM CST tonight.  Easy to remember, he was born at 11:08 and weighed 8 lbs 11 oz.  It is amazing to think about how much he has grown in the past 12 months but it is also amazing to think about how much Kate and I have changed and grown in that time period as well.  So, while today is Max’s birthday I wanted to take pause and congratulate my wife (and pat myself on the back as well) for a great year.

Kate and I have managed to keep our sanity and make the sacrifices necessary to be good parents to Max.  We have also grown our lives and our passions.  In the past year, aside from parenting this wonderful child, we have had some awesome accomplishments such as…

  • Kate taught at 2 colleges
  • Kate’s art was in multiple galleries including a show in Chelsea, NY
  • Kate stepped up and ran CreativeRHINO
  • I assumed larger responsibilities at my job
  • I remodeled and helped run Heroes Sports Bar & Grill
  • I joined the Tallgrass Film Association Board of Directors
  • We bought a house
  • We both lost weight
  • We took Max on over 20 flights
  • We started riding bikes together
  • We parented together as a team

It might not sound like much but it is huge.  It was an amazing year and it answers a question I had 1 year and 9 months ago, “Will having a baby change my life?”  A year and 9 months ago that question was attached to the idea of “So Long Freedom.”  The end of everything fun about me.  Turns out having a kid is the cherry on top of a life sundae.  Yes, having a baby changed my life…but not in the scary way I thought it would.  I’m still me, Kate is still Kate, and Max is definitely Max.  What is awesome is that we all grew as people over the course of the year and THAT my friends is what life is about; Moving forward and enjoying what you have.  Growing.  I am not the same person I was a year ago, and while I feared the change I knew was coming I never realized how much more I’d like the guy who’s Max’s dad and Kate’s husband.

Parenting is awesome, my 30’s are the best decade yet, corporate America provides stability, and Wichita has grown on me…so maybe it isn’t “So Long Freedom?”  Maybe its “Ahoy Life!”  I do miss tennis shoes, sleeping in, and the  Adirondacks.  So Long Freedom, Ahoy Life!

5 thoughts on “1-Year-Old

  1. Another great post! Happy Birthday to your little boy. 🙂 I so admire your attitude. And what amazing accomplishments for you and your wife. This line was great, “Turns out having a kid is the cherry on top of a life sundae.” So perfect. You are still you, your wife is still your wife — great way to express your thoughts. Sounds like you both are fantastic parents, and enjoying being so!

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