Dad’s Immune System vs. The Toddler Room

In this corner, weighing in at 15 tons, wearing the antimicrobial kid-safe surface shorts with macaroni artwork trim…the Playground Plague-arizer, the Nap-time Nanny, the Snack Dragon…its…the…TODDLER ROOM!  And in this corner, weighing in massively underweight, wearing the Emergen-C herbal supplement shorts with Mucinex trim…the Weak Wuss, the Hot Toddy, the Soup for Supper…its…DAD’s IMMUNE SYSTEM!

ANNOUNCER 1: This is sure to be a great fight, one for the ages!

ANNOUNCER 2: Right you are!  The Toddler Room has been touching everything in sight and has not been well sanitized!

ANNOUNCER 1: Yes, but Dad’s Immune System has been building up for years…decades actually, and has quite an impressive resume to boast.

ANNOUNCER 2: Like that stomach bug from Mexico?

ANNOUNCER 1: Exactly! But that was 5 years ago and the Champ is looking a bit slower these days.

ANNOUNCER 2: Slow as a sloth on Sundays! He needs to watch out for The Toddler Room’s right hook, it nearly took down Mom’s Immune System…

ANNOUNCER 1: …looks like things are about to start!


ANNOUNCER 1: And here we go with ROUND 1!  Dad’s Immune System comes out dancing…

ANNOUNCER 2: But here comes The Toddler Room and…

BOTH: Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!

ANNOUNCER 1: Dad’s Immune System is down!  Dad’s Immune System is down!!!

ANNOUNCER 2: Wow! What a combo! Let’s see that again in slow-mo…


ANNOUNCER 2: Okay, here we see Dad’s Immune System showing off the foot work and then…BAM! The Toddler Room hits him with a mean jab right to the face with a head cold!

ANNOUNCER 1: Dad’s Immune System is dazed but jogs it off and then…

ANNOUNCER 2: Bam! Bam!  The 1 – 2 combo!!! A low blow to the gut with a stomach bug and then finishes him with an uppercut to the jaw and another head cold!

4, 5, 6, 7…

ANNOUNCER 1: Dad’s Immune System not getting up!

…8, 9…10!

ANNOUNCER 2: The Toddler Room wins!  The Toddler Room wins!

ANNOUNCER 1: Never in my years of broadcasting have I ever seen a combo like that! This Toddler Room means business and if Dad’s Immune System wants to try and reclaim the title he is going to need to build up some serious immunity over the next few months.

ANNOUNCER 2: You said it!

ANNOUNCER 1: From all of us at Day Care Sports, goodnight!

ANNOUNCER 2: …and gooooood hygiene!

"Dad's Immune System is down! Dad's Immune System is down!!!"

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