Forward Facing Car Seat

Max's new Car Seat

This week we got a forward facing car seat for Max in my car since we can’t leave the car seat at day care anymore.  The verdict is in…Max loves it.  He has been completely silent the last few rides but completely focused on everything I am doing in the front seat and what the world looks like through the front windshield…which he can see out of now.  His little feet (clad in tiny shoes) bounce up and down with the beat from the radio and we lock eyes often in the rear view mirror.  Every time I shift gears (I drive a standard… because driving is fun) he looks curiously at the shifter and wheel wondering when he’ll get his hands on it next and if the car will zoom for him too.  14 more years Max…then you’ll get your learners permit and at 16 (if I still have this car) it will be yours.  Weird.  Max driving.  Guess I should focus on getting him potty trained first.

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