Transitioning To Toddler

Max Feeds Himself

Max has been doing everything super early such as walking, talking, and playing.  Originally Kate and I were all, “yeah…that’s my son, he’s super smart n stuff.”  Now we are more, “Seriously Max, if you don’t put down Daddy’s calculator and stop balancing my portfolio I’m going to put you down for a nap with a smart bottom!”  In all fairness he did find a loophole in Kate’s 401k that will really pay dividends 10 years down the road…or so he tells me.  Who could resist Max?  Those steely eyes peering out at you behind the longest eye-lashes you have ever seen!  Fine blonde hair that falls across his forehead as if to say…”brush me, I’m soft!”  He’ll walk right up to you, look you square in the eye, and giggle without reason like he knows something about you.

He knows.  He’s always known.

Okay, what were we talking about?  Right.  Max is moving into the toddler room at day care and I was pretty worried about it.  “He’s not ready!”  I pleaded with Kate, “He’s just a baby!”  Rightly so, he is a baby in age (only 11 months) but he does have skills that could pay the proverbial toddler bills.  However, the toddler room has some rules:

  1. Must wear shoes every day
  2. Cannot leave car seat at school
  3. No bottles – Sippy Cups only
  4. Only 1 nap
  5. 2 snacks and 1 lunch

Its so…so…so…organized!  The naps and sippy cups had us worried as he naps every 3 hours currently and is just learning the sippy cup.  So, we took away the bottles and gave him a sippy cup to try.  He figured it out after about an hour – and that was the end of daytime bottles.  The nap thing?  No problemo.  He was over-tired for 2 days getting used to it and now he is good to go.  Kate bought him a plate, bowl, spoon, and fork to help with his skills…now he feeds himself.  F**ker.  Sorry…he’s just so happy about it.  I’m watching him and I can clearly see now that this little prince will one day be the king, massively surpassing me at everything I do.  I promptly went online and looked up…

  • Getting my masters
  • Taking more tennis lessons
  • Materials for a DIY bathroom remodel

Daddy’s not down for the count yet!

Max's spoon goes in the food - Max's food does not always make it to his mouth.

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