International Travel With A Baby

Kate, Max, and I are heading south where the ocean is warm and the sand it soft white…it’s time for an international flight with a baby!  Max is a very well seasoned traveler but has never left the country.  A few weeks back we got him his passport and it is hilarious!  Here is this official US Government Document with Max’s tiny little smiling face on it!  Sorry…no pic to share, the kid’s gotta have some anonymity.  We’re flying through safe hubs to a safe destination (TCI) but with all the craziness that’s been going on in Mexico I can’t help but be a little on edge…I wouldn’t go to Mexico right now for any reason, especially with a child.

Max has had a little cough so we took him to the doctor to get antibiotics just in case, not gonna risk it with us being out of country for 10 days!  We have a house sitter and have updated the alarm system so no one can go all Home Alone on us while we’re out of town, travel documents are ready to go, and packing hasn’t even begun though we are less than 24 hours away from lift-off.  There is a crazy night ahead of us.

I did find out on this trip that if a child is crossing a border with only 1 parent some countries require that you carry a notarized permission letter from the other parent!  Check out this site for more information about what documents you’ll need for your little one when you travel abroad.

This will most likely be my last post for 2011 but I will try to post some nice vacation Christmas pictures before the New Year.  Either way, I wanted to take a moment and say thank you to all my subscribers for following along on this journey and of course thanks to all the readers who have used So Long Freedom as a source of information on their journey.  2011 was an amazing year!  To think this time last December I had a hospital bag packed and riding in my car at all times in case the baby came!  We hadn’t named him yet so we called him “Zig.”  Our friends came in from NYC and we chopped down a Christmas tree together.  Kate had an adorable pregnant pudgy face and I did too.  The cat was our main squeeze.  Mostly…I was a giant ball of stress both impatient for Max to arrive and at the same time clinging to the days without children.  Now things are much calmer.

2011 was the best year of my life by far and could only be rivaled by 2008 when I married Kate…but how can you compete with Max’s unending smile?  So long 2011!  Thanks for a great year!  Happy Holidays!

Ryan and Kate in the Turks and Caicos circa 2005
Max's New Christmas Scarf, Christmas 2011

One thought on “International Travel With A Baby

  1. You all are blessings in our lives and we love you dearly! Have a great Christmas wiht all the Gates family and wonderful beginning to the New Year, 2012!

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