Getting A Baby To Unwrap Gifts

Herding Max

Getting a baby to unwrap gifts can be compared to herding cats.  “Max, Max…Max!  Over here.  Open your present from Papa Doo and Gigi.  Pull this piece of paper right here.  Yes, that’s a plant over there…Max.  Come here Max.  Put the Cheerios down.  Right here, this is your Christmas present.  Come open it with…Max!  Mommy just fed you…Max…Max.  Just tear this little piece right here and we’ll do the rest.  Max?  Don’t bite the chair please.  Okay, I’ll start a little corner for you (rip), ooooooh what could it be?  Max?  Max?  Please come back in the room…where are you going?  Where are you…yes, that’s the diaper bag.  Come back in the family room, come here.  Come here.  Come…Max?  No the kitty is at our house.  There is no kitty here.  No kitty.  Max?  Max?  MAX!!!  No!  No!  The oven is hot!  HOT!!!  HOT!!!  I’m sorry, Daddy isn’t mad.  Come open your present from Papa Doo and Gigi.  Max?  Max…”

He was only interested in the bows on the presents…which he would then put in his mouth, drop on the floor, and then seek out an old toy.  Since we’ll be on vacation Christmas Day we had Max’s Christmas last night and it was hilarious.  Herding cats indeed.  However, he figured it out eventually and got some sweet gifts from Papa Doo and Gigi, he was just completely disinterested in the process of unwrapping a gift.  We should have Windex sprayed the gifts with breast milk…that would have gotten his attention.  Seems like the only thing he pays attention to anymore is Mommy, Mommy’s “Mamas,” the kitty, and his boy parts when his diaper is changed.  Seriously, you take a diaper off that kid on the changing station and the first thing he does is reach right down there and grab hold of the ole nuggets.  That’s my boy.

Now we are getting packed and ready for our bi-annual trip to the Turks and Caicos which will be Max’s first beach vacation.  Sand, sunblock, other kids, dinners out, pools, and more.  Should be interesting.  So long 2011.

Max plays peek-a-boo at dinner

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