When Do Babies Start Talking?

Max & Grandpa

Max is now a little over 10 months old and it is crazy to think he is almost a year old!  When I started writing So Long Freedom 2 years ago it was so heavily focused on the journey into fatherhood, corporate America, and the loss of late night tuna melts soaking up beer-laden adventures.  Now my topics revolve around dieting, home ownership, and house-dad type things.  Fatherhood has fully set in.  It no longer seems strange to get up and go to work in an office instead of a film set.  My house (because I oddly own a house now) is a toy minefield.  So Long Freedom?  I think I remember this “freedom” I speak of.

With the honeymoon period of new-parenthood being over, Kate and I find ourselves in the routine of having a ten month old…an adorable ten month old.  He does amazing things every day but gone are the days of calling up everyone I know and bragging about how my son figured out some new task.  His developments have stopped being milestones of awe and more “yup…he does that now.”  Some highlights currently include:

  • Running
  • Pointing
  • Baby Sign Language (sort of)
  • Petting the cat
  • Eating grown up foods
  • Clapping at the right times
  • Waving goodbye
  • A few words like “Dada, Mama,” and “kitty.”
  • Puts binky in and out of mouth as wanted/needed
  • Plays peek-a-boo
  • Found his penis…and re-finds it quite often!
  • Holds your hand and walks with you
  • Can get specific things you ask for
  • Understands different colors
  • Phenomenal sense of object permanence
  • Understands “no”

During all of these things he toddles around the house going “mamamamama…dadadada…” then he makes a motorboat sound and squeals with delight.  “Kitty” was the word he graced us with last week.  This week he seems to have more waiting to come out.  It feels like at any minute he is going to burst out talking and suddenly become a boy instead of a baby.  He looks like a boy and not a baby.  The fact that he was wicked early to walk and pick up certain skills makes us wonder if speaking will happen early too.  When do babies start speaking?  Not saying a few words…but speaking…communicating.  I feel like any day now he is just going to start pointing to objects and saying them.  I just hope he keeps saying “Dada” with the same enthusiasm he has now.  Max’s greatest personality trait is his utter excitement at everything!  He is the happiest kid I have ever met.

I hope he never loses his smile…which is truthfully a wide open gaping mouth with eyes of excitement and Hulk sounds of approval!

Max's smile is best described as gaping-mouthed jubilation!
Max and Grandpa walking in the park

2 thoughts on “When Do Babies Start Talking?

  1. My mom says I said wug ooo, which equals love you, at 10 months. Sounds like Max and I were on similar development schedules. I potty trained myself at 18 months and taught myself how to read in preschool. So you’ve still got plenty of developmental milestones left, but don’t worry, Max will be discussing the meaning of life with you in no time!

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