Dukan Diet: I Hit My Goal

I’m not going to bore you with diet tips and what not…I’m simply going to tell you that this morning I jumped on the scale and saw the number I have been working towards.  I started at 244 and as of this morning I weigh 219…I’ve lost 25 pounds in about a month.  It was tough to do during the holidays and it certainly slowed me down, but I prevailed.  I now get to move on to Phase 3 of the Dukan Diet and I am so excited!  I can start dinning out with friends again and not have to constantly explain the diet…I can eat foods I have been missing!

This is also a very spooky time in the diet where I could rebound and go back to my old weight and more so I will cautiously wade out into the waters of these new foods.  I’m also kicking my workout routine up a notch.  I’m running about 10 miles a week, doing simple weight lifting, and 2 personal trainer sessions a week.  I am hoping to add in some yoga as well but mostly just want to start working out with my wife again, I love how we support each other in pursuing healthier lives.  Time with her is the healthiest thing I can do as she is good for the soul.

From here on out I’m doing protein Mondays (not Thursdays) as it works best with my schedule and is the same day as my dad’s (good to have a diet buddy).  I will leave you with an AWESOME tip for veggie days that my wife introduced me to!  Veggie pasta:

She took zucchini and shaved long pasta-like pieces out of it, served it raw, and topped it with her famous bolognese sauce – tweaked to contain lean turkey and more veggies.  It was delicious and I have requested it to become a regular at our house as truthfully…pasta is just the vessel for a good sauce, and if you try Kate’s…wow.  Seriously, try it!  Zucchini!  Its great!

Here is a video I found online to give you some great raw food pasta tips:

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