Max Goes On Antiobiotics

This weekend Max turned 10 months old, had his first Thanksgiving, and got his first major cold.  On Saturday his temperature swelled past 103 degrees and gave us all a good scare.  Children’s Tylenol and later Advil helped the fever stay under control but the poor little guy was just wiped out.  It takes a bit of work to put young Maxwell down for the night but on Saturday all it took was a hug from Dad and 30 seconds later he was snoring on my chest.  I held him till he was completely off in la-la land then moved him to the crib so he wasn’t absorbing my heat as well.  In the middle of the night we gave him a lukewarm sponge bath to help reduce his temp, stripped him down to just his diaper, and kept a close eye on him.  Sunday was more of the same but our concerns were less because he wasn’t acting funny or lethargic.

Today we arrived home from our road trip and immediately went to the doctor where she confirmed his being sick.  Red throat and mucus.  Poor little guy.  We was prescribed with amoxicillin so we need to keep an eye on him as I am allergic to penicillin.  I just want to make him feel better and wish I could take the pain away.

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