Traveling, Dieting, Unpacking, and Finding Time To Pursue a Career

Max at Kate's Show

After spending only two nights in our new home; Kate, Max and I were off to NYC for Kate‘s Art Opening (Full Fathom Five) at the Jenkins Johnson Gallery in Chelsea.  The show was awesome and it was great to meet the other artists from various mediums.  Kate‘s work looked gorgeous standing solo across the wall and it brought back so many memories from 2007 when she was working on this body of art.  It was a lovely reminder of the sacrifices we had made to pursue our dreams…and to see those dreams take flight and come to fruition.  I had always been able to find a way to marry my passion with my career but it came at the cost of Kate working as an administrator to ensure we had a solid base income.  When we moved to California she was in school and I took on larger commercial projects to support us though Kate still slogged it out working in a wine bar and as a nanny.  Our return to New York was a dream come true to live in the remote area of Bolton Landing through the winter while still taking on creative projects through my newly formed company, CreativeRHINO.  However, my employing Kate created opportunities for me and stole her (yet again) from her passion and natural talent of painting.

Now…we live in Wichita, KS.  Not NYC, LA, San Francisco, or The Adirondacks.  No…Wichita.  Kansas…and it was all worth it to stand there in front of Kate’s work with my son in arms.  Having Max made all the sacrifices worthwhile, but you have to remain a human being and not just become a parent.  You still have to be you.  Kate is absolutely KILLING it right now and I love it.  I’ll work nights if I can afford her more free time to paint!

Kate's Work in Full Fathom Five
Some of Kate's Work in Full Fathom Five

Our lives are simply falling into place and adulthood is taking over.  Things have come into perspective.

We hung with our friends, did some shopping, and showed Max off all over town.  Maintaining my Dukan Diet was rough but my goal was simply not to gain weight…a tough task considering I had a few big meals that are not part of the diet and consumed alcohol with friends.  I stuck to wine when possible and avoided high sugar drinks.  Nights with cheat meals were followed with hearty walks the next day including a lovely stroll down the High Line.  By the time our week in NYC was up I had managed to not gain any weight…a perfect plateau.

Max with his cousin Jake in NYC
At Bandon Dunes

Next I went to Oregon for work and yet again struggled to stay true to the diet.  Though I strayed a few times I began running in the mornings to compensate.  Sadly my blood sugar dropped last Wednesday and I nearly fainted 3 times in one day so I had to take measures to feel well again.  On Sunday I drove to Bandon, OR to play some of the most spectacular golf courses in America at Bandon DunesOld MacDonald and Pacific Dunes.  36 holes of golf…walking of course.  Full on meal cheating took place and I ate a cheeseburger like it was my last on earth…but subbed the fries for a salad.  My legs throbbed at the end of the day and I knew I had needed those calories to make it, so I boarded the plane home to my family and the scale…waiting to weigh me.

Being home at last was amazing.  My third night ever in this house but it feels like home!  My bed, my wife, my son, my life…my scale.  I hadn’t weighed myself in 8 days and I was prepared to see the weight gain…I just prayed I hadn’t completely reverted back to where I was in the beginning.  I stepped on the scale, it did its mystery counting thing, and showed me a number.  I got off…then back on.  Same number.  Again…same number.  I had lost weight.  I’m a pound away from a major break through in this diet and about 7 pounds away from my goal!  Awesome.

Tonight I am meeting up with my new personal trainer to start a workout regimen to not just lose weight but turn that fat back into muscle.  I have had a saying stuck in my head as I run and it is what propels me forward, “I didn’t used to be an athlete…I am an athlete.”  I’m no longer going to look back on the days when I was an athlete – just because I’m not playing competitively or collegiately doesn’t mean I’m not still an athlete.  I am an athlete.  Anyone for tennis?  Basketball?  Its on.

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