Dukan Diet; Day 4

Okay…I’m sick of protein.  I’m craving bread rolls and cheese like crazy, I also wish I could have a glass of wine.  Nothing crazy to report other than another day at the office with a Tupperware of meat, a side of non-fat yogurt, and a few diet sodas and water.  Fun.  Friday is the last day of the Attack Phase and I can’t wait for Saturday lunch when I’m going to destroy a salad!  Oh what I wouldn’t give for a tomato right now!  It is crazy what you miss once you can’t have it.  Truthfully I can’t wait to get past this stage so I can start working out.  I’ve lost almost 10 pounds and 20 would be enough for me to be really happy with the diet, I could care less about my weight though…I just want to feel healthy again and get rid of this beer belly – and that will only happen from time in the gym.  This diet is a temporary piece of my life, thought the ongoing element is smart which I will stick with.  The new thing I need to reintroduce back into my weekly routine is working out…and the simple realization that I’m getting older and if I want to be healthy and skinny it will take work.  So long metabolism!

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