Dukan Diet; Day 3

Day 3 of the Dukan Diet was definitely a break through day.  The pattern was becoming habitual and the ability to combat hunger with fat-free snacks was much easier.  My appetite was certainly less than day 1 but that is not to say that I was not hungry…but when I was hungry, it was easily satiated by a yogurt, a glass of water, sugar-free gum, or a protein snack/meal.  The office had our monthly group lunch and the theme was soups and sandwiches.  Laid out before us on the conference room table was a smorgasbord of cured meats, tortilla soup, rolls, toppings, dressings…and pie.  Pie!!!  Pie!!!!!!!!!!!  Sorry…I love pie.  I resisted all of its temptations and enjoyed my brought-from-home meal of ham, chicken, shrimp, and yogurt.  Not even one crumb of pie touched my lips.

Wichita Y

Following my work day I went to the YMCA and setup my personal trainer session for after my business trip.  The Y‘s in Wichita are insanely amazing and like nothing you have ever seen.  They are state-of-the-art facilities and extremely affordable.  For $20 I got a 1 hour consultation to set my goals for weight loss and muscle toning, two 2 hour personal training sessions, and my workout entered into the system so when I come to work out alone it has a list of the things I need to do that day.

At home Kate was preparing a special dinner that I was skeptical of but actually loved immensely!  She did an Asian tofu with grilled ham and spicy yogurt sauce…seriously it was DELICIOUS!  It was Max’s 9 month birthday and suddenly all his past week’s fussiness made sense; his 5th tooth pushed through that afternoon!  We gave him a bath and all of us began out nightly routines.  Max was exhausted from day care, Kate from packing the house for our move, and me from work and dieting.  The exhaustion is astounding…I reach a point where the thought of moving seems so daunting that I am immobilized on the stairs trying to get to bed.  However, I am rejuvinated the following morning so sleep is the answer.

The scales rewarded me and showed that this diet is working.  I am 2 pounds away from my goal for November 2nd when I head to NYC.  Saturday I can start eating select veggies and my brain is consumed with the prospect of fresh cherry tomatoes!  Mmmm…and radishes.  I have lost about 7 pounds in 3 days.

Its on like Donkey Kong!

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